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    Owning people, and making them cry over dying on COD. ;)

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    Used to have one, but Twitter is retarted ;)
  1. Just Dot Division Transfered To Firestorm!! :D



      Welcome to Firestorm!

  2. KSI NightFather

    Chillin in the ocean

    Look, It's Prophet At Sea! Did You Bring Me Some Fish?!
  3. Boring Week. Not Being Able To Play Black Ops!!!! >:(

    1. Wes



    2. KSI NightFather

      KSI NightFather

      Wes. I Don't Watch T.V.

  4. KSI NightFather


    Nice, Dude!
  5. Uk, Grimnova And JWaLL Are Off My List In My Squad, WHERED THEY GO???!!

  6. Wish My Vacation Was Longer Than 2 Days. Lucky Uk Supreme.

    1. KSI Glory VII

      KSI Glory VII

      Haha i know right.


    2. KSI Glory VII

      KSI Glory VII

      Luckey him and his week vacation haha:P

    3. KSI Glory VII

      KSI Glory VII

      Or however long it was lol

  7. KSI NightFather

    This is how I fish!

    I'm Pretty Sure I'm Never Going Fishing, Atleast Not Near Uk. He'll Blow My butt To Pieces.
  8. What's on your mindhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_VxSOBpQf0?

  9. Just Got Promoted To 3rd Leutenant!

  10. Just Changed My GT From Saintsrowgod To KSI NightFather. Add Me :D