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  1. Hell yea, I now have a KSI tag. Add me if you want, KSI Snow XIII

    1. KSI Sungazer 7

      KSI Sungazer 7

      lol...Snow from FF XIII. knew it right away.

    2. Purge


      lol I love Snow from FF XIII

    3. KSI Monotooi

      KSI Monotooi


  2. I am KSI Section 01 lol

  3. I am KSI Section 01 lol

  4. Old friend? I dont know you?

  5. Luci be mine <3 ily mate =P

  6. Heya there old friend, how have ya been

  7. Hmm wonder if I should fill out any applications for extra things here in KSI. Should I? Or should I not?

  8. indeed they are xD

  9. Friends are the best.

  10. Well I have the support of my friends in KSI and real life. thats all I need. Is the support of those close and dear to me. Nothing more, nothing Less

  11. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope things get better.

  12. lulz life has been hell

  13. I'm alright. How have you been?

  14. Blah week's been boring. Summer been boring. Blah T_T and hows my old squads. Hellfire & Encore LS

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    2. Purge


      i command you tuuu

    3. KSI SequeLs

      KSI SequeLs

      Luci u may have found our pimp head but i claimed him under the bleachers

    4. Purge


      Oh god nooo.