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  1. Should we open or close with an Asking Alexandria song? We know five of them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7YUHp0vuDs

  2. Yet, another concert tonight. Wish me luck guys (:

  3. Got my first tat. Going to get my snakebites back soon. Probably going to get another tat and piercing.

    1. Shyguy


      now i see why ur name is decisions

    2. KSI Spazbit

      KSI Spazbit

      :] nice. Where else would you pierce? I have septum.

    3. KSI Decisions

      KSI Decisions

      Probably either gauge my ears. Not sure. And @shyguy I'm a decision maker :P

  4. Everyone in Aztec hates me now for no reason. lol

    1. KSI Spazbit

      KSI Spazbit

      No one in aztec hates you ;/ I talked to Posiedon yesterday about you. They just feel like you dont show up and participate.. they wish you would -.- you should stay!!!


    2. Airborn 7

      Airborn 7

      Yo just brush it off and ignore them. Let the haters hate because it makes you famous

    3. KSI Decisions

      KSI Decisions

      @Spaz: I never get invites. I'm almost on all day now.


      @Airborn: (:

  5. Count your ****ing blessings.

    1. I am FuzzyMeep™

      I am FuzzyMeep™

      I cant...to many blessings, not enough fingers

    2. .Major™
    3. KSI Decisions
  6. I said I fight back, I didn't say that I fight fair.

  7. Ohh, Aztec. This squad never seems to amaze me.

  8. Demoted already for not being on for one day. Nice.