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    my aim is: skye1666 7
    i like racing and 1st person rpg/shooters
    plus i am applying for the design team

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  1. What's on your mind?

  2. What's on your mind?

  3. hey! can u remake me that sig and uhh change the background + text?

  4. nuthin much goin on ashley haow about you

  5. hey little buddy! how the hell are ya?

  6. dewd.. go look at my new pics in the gallery!!

  7. thanks, dear!! you RAWK!!!! its so bootimous!!!

  8. your signature is ready my dear

  9. what it dew, fool????

  10. hey maybe we will see each other on today

    i hope you like your signatures

    if you want any changes let me know

  11. why arent you answering my message I sent you??

  12. hey!! dude rootcore and pumpshotgun are scary o.O but their so funny.. lol my friend has a capture card and he's gonna help make a movie with us we can include some superjumps and stuff in it too if ya want?