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  1. Alright, whe i get a computer i will deffinetly do that.

  2. Damn, that sucks. Well, if you wanna get into it again, one of my friends gave me SGA over at EG. If you want, apply and I can help you out with bettering your graphics. Same procedure as everywhere else. Start off as TGA, work your way up. :)

  3. I am once school starts cause for now i dont have a computer :(

  4. Ahh, FS is a nice division. You still doing GFX?

  5. I already got into Magma FS. Im probably gonna stick with them cause they are newer and might need some assistance. :P

  6. Ahaa, damn. I think I'm about to leave AGAIN because college is keeping me away from home a lot. :/ If you need a good squad and division, go to Rangers. Leaders are great. :)

  7. Nothing much man. I just got into KSI (cause i quit TMG) and im excited to see what this place is like.

  8. Ahh Legit! What's good, bro?

  9. Hey Manny, (Fkn Manny). Its "bum dada buuuum" TMG LEGITIMATE

  10. Just got recruited to Magma firestorm.

    1. Kered 7

      Kered 7

      Welcome to the forums, your first two posts have to be approved by a moderator. But after that your free to post!

    2. Shyguy


      ok thanks, I just posted an introduction in "welcome back" if anyone cares to read it.