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  1. Why did you Join KSI?

    Everybody post the reason why they joined KSIi lets see the reason KSI is so great. The reason I joined KSI is that i saw the great opportunity to meet new people on xbox and the always have someone on. The things i learned here in KSI have helped me in my school and jobs. it has fought me many life lessons that make me who i am today. keep the post up and lets see why KSI is so great
  2. Admin Request Box.

    <span ;font-weight:bold'="" style="color: rgb(172, 88, 250);">Boreas Z ❄ added to scavenger hunt staff
  3. Why did you Join KSI?

    everybody joins for different reason but only one goal, to make KSI Better and everyone has
  4. Admin Request Box.

    can we get an archive in the weekly scavenger hunt staff area please. can we get it so you have to be in the project staff (no mods global mods or mit) have access to view the staff area to keep the game fair to everyone. thanks
  5. Admin Request Box.

    Asking who the active head on PR/marketing is
  6. AAP Award Suggestions

    AWARD- Rise And Fall Have been in Ksi long enough to see the Ups and downs of KSI and have stuck with it No matter what mutable times and have never given up
  7. Its Been a long time no see KSI

    Ive been gone for a while But its great seeing everybody thats still here
  8. Its Been a long time no see KSI

    yeah man hit me up on skype or text me . Not sure yet I just put up y'all's cams but I'll be on here for a while if u have any questions or want to talk about anything let me know
  9. Please post and leave comments on what we as forum Staff can do to make our forums better. *note not all reply's will happen, we will review and vote on all changes with the CAO*
  10. In need of the blacklisted clan list

  11. How long have you been in KSI?

    I've been here since 2008 known as a couple of name but, left in 2011 and returned in 2012
  12. In Search Of Motivated People!

    if any help is needed let me know lolo
  13. Mentor Program

    I don't know if KSI has something like this now so i just thought i would throw it out there. What if we had a Skype (or a messaging) mentor program where one leader trains a younger or unexperienced member. Like the big brother program. where this mentor will be available all the time to train his/her paired member. These members can still do workshops and FTLA but this will just help them so that in a time of need or to better their experiences they can contact this person. Let me know what everybody thinks.
  14. Mentor Program

    me too i think its needed
  15. Mentor Program

    i remember that but what im talking about is a team that matches people together and they ad each other and start talking.
  16. Mentor Program

    it is but leaders do it more on a wide base, i'm talking about ore of a 1on1 mentoring. someone thats not in his/her div that can help the other person excel.
  17. oldksiglobal.com

    the old lightning banner was pretty sweet
  18. what game is better

    which one do you like more?
  19. A moment of tribute from KSI.

    agreed a moment of silence is needed for those lost on 9-11 and for those defending our country overseas. for the servicemen out there thank you all for what you do to protect our country.

  21. Game's Vacation

    have fun
  22. Gunna be away

    enjoy the time off man
  23. News Team

    The News Team is looking for new members. If you would like to be part of the KSI news team email me at [email protected] ad reply to this message.
  24. good leadership

    A good leader takes pride in his or her work and is always making it better. A good leader never slows down or interrupts other leaders due to when one leader shines they all shine. A good leader takes one thing and grows it into something no one will ever forget. just some things to think about for all of the young leaders out there.
  25. good leadership

    no problem man i like wht u have added