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  1. Admin Request Box.

    <span ;font-weight:bold'="" style="color: rgb(172, 88, 250);">Boreas Z ❄ added to scavenger hunt staff
  2. Admin Request Box.

    can we get an archive in the weekly scavenger hunt staff area please. can we get it so you have to be in the project staff (no mods global mods or mit) have access to view the staff area to keep the game fair to everyone. thanks
  3. Admin Request Box.

    Asking who the active head on PR/marketing is

    1. KSI Pace 7

      KSI Pace 7

      My gamer tag is KSI Pace i have not been playing for over 6 years. i kind of gave up on gaming for awhile. I was a General in KSI Jarhead (TK Division) I want to come out of retirement, rejoin and be a lifetime member of KSI and do whatever i can to make KSI my home and a home for others. Can you help me or find some1 who can help me? Please and thanks. My clan leader at the time was KSI minitank 13 any word of him?