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    Section 2 Forum Rules Spamming is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited, to: one word posts, repeated messages across many sections, inappropriately-placed topics (I.E. talking about the football game in a division section), and posting over 100 times in one day (unless they are all constructive, non-spam posts, or appropriately-placed spam posts). If you are not sure what is or is not considered spam, talk to a moderator, global moderator or administrator. Do not flame (disrespect) other forum members. Please keep in mind that what you may consider a joke may be seen as offensive by someone else. Do not use abusive language. This includes, but is not limited, to: racist, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate language. Do not avoid the autofilter. Certain words are filtered for a reason. Avoiding the autofilter includes replacing letters with similar characters. You may star (*) out the word(s), as long as the entire word is starred. If you so choose, you may leave the ending of the word unstarred (“ing”, “ed”, etc.). Do not use ban evasion techniques. This includes using proxies or creating another account to circumvent a ban or suspension. If you are banned or suspended from any part of the forums, it is for a reason. Any attempts to circumvent a ban or suspension will result in additional punishment, up to and including an indefinite revoke of forum privileges. Do not create more than one account on the forums if it's not necessary. A user is allowed to have one active account, and one active account only. A user should only need to create and use a second account if that user is unable to access the first account (the "forgot password" feature and administrative help should be exhausted before this happens). All of the items found in the KSI Code of the Conduct apply to all members of the forums, regardless of actual KSI membership status. Furthermore, nobody, regardless of rank/forum status, is exempt from following the rules set forth in this page. If, for any reason, a moderator or administrator determines that a user has not followed the rules set forth in this page or the KSI Code of Conduct, or has otherwise posted forum-inappropriate content, the user will be given a minimum of ONE warning. After that warning, if the user clearly disregards the warning, the appropriate punishment will be given, at the sole discretion of the moderator(s) or administrator(s) involved. Please do Point out double posting rule?
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    Please provide me a link to where this says in the rules?
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    Okay rephrase, I need access to download PDF files. Please, and thanks.
  4. Back on live woot woot Add me KSI Sosa 7DS

  5. Back on live woot woot Add me KSI Sosa 7DS

  6. Back on live woot woot Add me KSI Sosa 7DS

  7. KSI Sosa 7

    I'm back on live!

    New tag is KSI Sosa 7DS
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    ? why?
  9. KSI Sosa 7

    KSI's Name.

  10. KSI Sosa 7

    KSI's Name.

    It don't take money, it don't take fame. It may be cruel but it may just save yourself. wrong song this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BHoj8uFdr8 sorry Sorry i found it the right video
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    I don't have access to view or download PDF files...
  12. KSI Sosa 7

    Hide the eggs from Jesus.

    yea my family usually goes to church, but pops is in the hospital recovering from a hip replacement. and no one goes anymore, o well, can pray right in my room.
  13. KSI Sosa 7

    Hide the eggs from Jesus.

    Woot Woot Happy Easter everyone! Lets just hoping all this praying tonight pays off.
  14. KSI Sosa 7

    KSI's Name.

    To let everyone know, I live and breath KSI, KSI is my life and soon gonna be involved in my life everyday 24/7 when im home, at school, I'm think what can we bring to KSI to get it back on top. so you can question my Title all you want. but it if i was that dumb or not potential i wouldn't be back in this group, i have been an senior leader executive groups before.
  15. KSI Sosa 7

    KSI's Name.

    Right to be the words should be interpreted to "What they mean to you" about as a community there needs to be line or base that each and ever board member, leader in ksi understands the meaning of the words. Did i define the KSI community, no i defined what the three words meaning are. Knowledge, strength, integrity. I did not define the KSI Community and its members. I asked What are your strengths and how can you test the integrity put into KSI. You took away from this whole topic. People ignore the above post... MY QUESTION to KSI MEMBERS, WHAT IS YOUR STRENGTH?