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  1. What's one more time for the books

    1. Game 7

      Game 7

      hey, this guy still exist?!

    2. KSI Bulltrue 7
  2. What's one more time for the books

  3. What's one more time for the books

  4. Undead 7DS

    Formally Introducing Myself (:

    Meep what are you doing,
  5. The Undead Is Back!

    1. KSI God of Rage

      KSI God of Rage

      No one cares....lol

    2. rave_night_7


      Welcome back, >,<


    3. Undead 7DS

      Undead 7DS

      I care .... And yeahh I technically never left just kinda drifted

  6. Head CMS Admin! :) ~Undead

  7. Undead 7DS

    Origins Easter Egg

    I have seen any rabbits around ill keep a eye out for them tho
  8. Undead 7DS

    roman noodles Vs Tacos

    I agree with TACO!!!!!!!!!! my twitter name is MIGHTYTACO2 lol
  9. I don't know what to choose plz help undead out )
  10. I,m BACK!!!!!!!!!! and KSI be ready

    1. The Kraken
    2. Anatomy <3

      Anatomy <3

      Welcome good sir <3

    3. KSI ELEMENT 7


      Welcome back bro, long time to talk


  11. Undead 7DS

    elgato capture card

    I am getting this next month i was Wonder Does it record Your Voice?
  12. Undead 7DS

    Who drank the water!

    So it was told someone had drank the water I shall find out who
  13. Undead 7DS


    me and @RCD are gonna beplaying BF3 tomarrow anyone down??