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  1. KSI Aztec 7

    Division Mascots?

    The division "Semper Fi," should have a Marine mascot.
  2. KSI Aztec 7

    Young people in KSI

    I don't believe that some children/young teens should be denied leadership roles within KSI Global, however instead, I believe that members who are 16-17 and/or above should take on most of the leadership roles within KSI Global, because when we become older we start to mature and take on more roles, as a teen/young adult, in the house, school, and maybe even work. As a teen/young adult, we start to progress more in life than a child/young teen would. I can admit though, while I've been in KSI Global, I've noticed that there are many young teens who go above and beyond the call of their duty and I believe that those children/young teens should become leaders within KSI Global as long as they prove themselves to us and the leaders, and have permission from them as well. Then I would see no problem with children having active and important roles within KSI Global.
  3. We all make mistakes, but it's how we recover that makes the difference.

  4. KSI Aztec 7

    KSI Aztec 7's Introduction

    I've known of the KSI Global Gaming Network sense I've first entered into the Xbox Live world, in 2007. I would later be invited into the KSI Global Gaming Network in 2008 under the division SR, but would later find myself leaving due to our squad being shut down. However in September 7th 2012, I would be recruited back into KSI Global, under Fuzzymeep's, and rose to the rank of Co-Division Leader until I would leave on the same day of my promotion due to the lack of leadership and drama that arose within my division and my community, after participating with them for a year and some months. Sense then, it's been six months and now I'm back into the KSI Global Gaming Network. - Forum User - KSI Aztec 7
  5. KSI Aztec 7

    KSI Forum's Suggestions

    Sounds like a plan, I can't wait to see the new ideas come to life.
  6. KSI Aztec 7

    KSI Forum's Suggestions

    I believe that in order to build back the momentum within our community, we need to start with our forums. So with that being said, I have made a short list on how we can improve our forums to attract more people and boost the activity as well. 01. Allow members/users to strive for something new within the forums such as new groups, that can be obtained through exceeding a n Groups should have cool new fonts, bold, and/or colors. Example: Noob - 100 Post. Professional - 200 Post. Semi-Hardcore - 300 Post. Hardcore - 400 Post. Insane - 500 Post. (Something like this.) 02. Allow members/users to vote for the "KSI Member of the Month," rather than an Admin/Moderators vote so that the members of the KSI Global Gaming Network feel as if they have a say within the community. 03. Add new groups such as such as a Leader's Group (Co-Founder to Division Leader) and then a Senior Leader's Group (Director to Senior Director). Then for the groups, have a Leader's Category, that only those groups can access, so that Leaders have a better communication throughout the forums than discussing Clan Operations in the shoutbox. 04. A new stock market within the KSI Economy, so that we can invest in divisions and earn credits due to the divisions success. I believe this will create a boost of momentum within KSI Divisions to grow larger to build up their purchase and sell price, so that members/users of the forums can become rich or lose money due to bad investments. Please let me know what you guys think.
  7. KSI Aztec 7


    I didn't watch it, because I had work that night. However, after seeing the scores, I don't think it was much of a game to begin with.
  8. KSI Aztec 7

    BO2 v Ghosts (Review Style)

    Yeah, haha. Ghost does stay broken until then.
  9. KSI Aztec 7

    competitive Cod

    I love COD Ghost on the Xbox One.
  10. KSI Aztec 7

    what game is better

    Battlefield 3.
  11. KSI Aztec 7

    Division Mascots?

    I think it's a pretty neat idea.
  12. KSI Aztec 7

    So Final Fantasy XI online

    I was never interested in Final Fantasy, however I'm excited for Elder Scrolls Online.
  13. KSI Aztec 7

    KSI Minecraft Village (Xbox 360)

    Sounds like this should be fun.
  14. KSI Aztec 7

    Battlefield or Call Of Duty

    I think that Battlefied is awesome, however I will always be a true die hard COD fan.
  15. KSI Aztec 7

    Call duty ghosts

    I like Ghost, I think it's an awesome game.