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  1. KSI Frog Man 7

    Just helping out a friend

    Just helping out my friend by putting this, my friend started a gaming forum and he needs active members, i'd be greatful to anyone who joined, and he also had a $200 contest running at the moment. ~LINK REMOVED~ thanks guys,
  2. A Source has informed goodereader.com about the upcoming plans regarding XBox’s digital download distribution service. One of the big aspects of the next generation of hardware is that the consoles will have expanded support for digital downloads. One of the ways Microsoft’s XBox team is refining the next generation will be allowing players to run games as the game is downloading. Normally, when you download a game on the existing generation of consoles, or even Steam, you can’t play the game until its fully downloaded. The Xbox 720 will let you play the game, as long as you meet a certain data threshold. If you are downloading a AAA title, and it is around 10 GB of data, and you will be able to start playing the game once you hit a 2GB limit. This gravitation towards enhanced digital downloads will obviously give a emphasis on phasing out companies like Gamestop. It will also put a spotlight on indie titles that normally don’t get much attention with so many games on DVD right now. One of the major drawbacks will be for people who live in rural areas and have shabby satellite internet connections, or even dial up. Source: http://goodereader.com/blog/technology/xbox-720-to-support-streaming-digital-downloads/
  3. KSI Frog Man 7

    development team idea.

    Just thought i'd put my idea across, i've seen this on other communities, they have a development team in which they focus on developing a specific section of the community.
  4. KSI Frog Man 7


    i've updated the status of the problem but some of the stuff marked " up and running" is useless as of other stuff not working.
  5. KSI Frog Man 7


    i think the status updates will be either on the Xbox website or the overall Microsoft site
  6. Xbox Live is currently experiencing a significant service disruption, with many users reporting problems when trying to sign in to Microsoft's online gaming platform. The outage — which inconveniently comes during peak weekend gaming hours — has subsequently rendered a large part of the console's functionality useless for the time being. Many of the most popular apps on Xbox 360 (including Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, and YouTube) are tied to Xbox Live Gold subscriptions; if you're unable to sign in, you won't be able to access any content. Microsoft has confirmed the ongoing issue on its Xbox support website, pledging that "every available resource" is currently working to get players back online. In the meantime, the company is providing status updates every 30 minutes. http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-live-status
  7. KSI Frog Man 7

    Just an idea.

    could i be part of the news team ?
  8. KSI Frog Man 7

    Just an idea.

    I think that we should have a section for general news, such as stuff on BBC or CBS news. if a section like this is made i will be posting regularly in it and keeping it upto date.
  9. KSI Frog Man 7

    Need opinions.

    yeah its a street bike as in Britain you can ride a 50cc road bike at 16.
  10. KSI Frog Man 7

    Need opinions.

    i might be getting a 50cc bike as i turned 16 the other month, so i thought i'd ask about your views on whether i should get one and which one get. Thanks Ksi Frog man 7
  11. KSI Frog Man 7

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone i got recruited by KSI Zomby Jin 7 and he has put me in his co-founder project for a squad on Xero Gravity. I will be very active and run game nights very frequently along with tournaments with various give aways.