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  1. KSI Code Blue 7

    Black ops 1 vs black ops 2 which is better?

    I would have to say that Black ops 2 was the better game. In black op 1 the assault rifles were the only guns anyone used. Shotguns were weak, Smg were short range, snipers were horrible, and lmgs were slow. In black op 2 the weapons that players use are diverse. Gun wise Black op 2.
  2. KSI Code Blue 7

    Ready to rejoin the community

    Welcome Back.
  3. KSI Code Blue 7

    Kered wants to train!

    Sound Interesting.
  4. KSI Code Blue 7

    What song are you listening to?

    I am now starting to listen to Paramore.
  5. KSI Code Blue 7

    KSI is my only group i belong in

    Yeah Bro. Second chances are hard to come by
  6. KSI Code Blue 7

    If Life gives you lemons...

    I rather meatballs than taco
  7. KSI Code Blue 7

    How is everyones day?

    Mine been Fine
  8. KSI Code Blue 7

    KSI is my only group i belong in

    Welcome Back
  9. KSI Code Blue 7

    What's your favorite type of music?

    Anything really as long as i can get into it. EXCEPT ADELE. I dislike all her songs.
  10. KSI Code Blue 7

    What song are you listening to?

    Take me back- Taio Cruz
  11. KSI Code Blue 7


    Those are some great fighters, I, myself wants to get in to the MMA world
  12. KSI Code Blue 7


    You already know Im in
  13. KSI Code Blue 7


    I love UFC. I think there a lot of underated talented fighters that don't get reconigition for it. Diego Sanchez Nate Diaz Nick Diaz Kendall Grove Dan Hardy Add your favorites down below..
  14. KSI Code Blue 7

    Head Hunters Tournament: Blacks Ops II

    FR No Doubt.
  15. KSI Code Blue 7

    The cat on the wall

    Nice Poem...