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  1. Shiina 7ds

    What song are you listening to?

    Winter by PVRIS
  2. Shiina 7ds

    Favorite song

    My favorites huh? :3 Well I suggest these two 1. 2.
  3. Shiina 7ds


    1.Fill out this form: 2.Head over to this area: http://forums.ksiglobal.com/forum/122-join-ksi/ 3. Create a topic, paste the completed form into a topic and post it Shiina Resident lurker
  4. Shiina 7ds

    What song are you listening to?

  5. Shiina 7ds

    Im back (sorta)

    So this is the stranger who added me on Xbox :3
  6. Shiina 7ds

    What song are you listening to?

    PVRIS(Paris) - Waking up (2012)
  7. Shiina 7ds

    Favorite Type Of music

    Electro pop - Synth pop - Post hardcore/Rock
  8. Shiina 7ds

    Me rcd

    Rude :3
  9. Shiina 7ds

    Me rcd

    Punk, get outta here