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  1. @ORIGINPC @pewdiepie @jari_schollaert

  2. RT @miniminter: Regardless of what happens tomorrow, Jj and Joe have both made this the maddest event and have both trained ridiculously ha…

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  4. @pewdiepie First time I bought merch form a youtuber, so it had to be you man. Been watching you for like 7 years n… https://t.co/ZPtpkAcQiB

  5. @Astrojordz #SharingisCaring mate, your signature can be on it aswell ! Makes it more dope ;)

  6. RT @ORIGINPC: We're kicking off 2018 with a worldwide giveway of @pewdiepie's own CHRONOS desktop! Enter for a chance to win the CHRONOS…

  7. @miniminter So the winners ;)

  8. @ComedyGamer Keep up the god work man, been watching since 2014 !! #Deji #ousslahl https://t.co/3sHNRq2JYY

  9. RT @ZerkaaHD: @miniminter I most certainly know.

  10. @pewdiepie Rest in piece slippy will miss the days when you pissed on felix's hands !!

  11. @wroetoshaw forfeit !

  12. RT @ORIGINPC: It's official! We'd like to welcome the newest member of the #ORIGINPCFamily - @pewdiepie! To celebrate our partnership, we'…

  13. @ZerkaaHD Srry man had to do it !! https://t.co/ROTYgHiUSA

  14. RT @wroetoshaw: https://t.co/4irmFg29UY

  15. @PimpJuiceK so true !