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  1. Mr Brady

    Brady is back?

    Yes y'all, haha... I'm still around. I still exist. <3 Glad to have heard from you both!
  2. Mr Brady

    Brady is back?

    Yoyoyoyo peeps! All welcome back comments accepted!
  3. Mr Brady


    What's funny is I've seen similar comments regarding my team elsewhere with other teams. We're winning. I'm very well though. Thinking about jumping back into webops for now, before jumping back on the console. Will definitely be active a lot these next few days and would like to catch up with a lot of you, especially you anatomy and lolo.
  4. Mr Brady


    Hey y'all! It's been quite a while for me, thought it'd be really cool to stop back by. I hope you all will be watching my Patriots in the Super Bowl in two weeks? Haha, I have really missed this place. If you don't know me, introduce yourself. For those that do, pm me or something!
  5. Mr Brady

    Super bowl predictions!

    Who've ya got?
  6. Mr Brady

    Leaving KSI

    Same thing KSI ROK 7 said. I've been around for a long time as has he. I've "left" a few times, but never really left if that makes any since. But, that's something you'll have to realize for yourself bud. Best of luck to ya! Thanks for everything you've done.
  7. Mr Brady

    Request :p

    Remove, placed request in proper area. Thanks!
  8. Mr Brady

    Merry Christmas Eve!

    Sorry for the late reply space. What did everyone get into yesterday??
  9. Mr Brady

    Merry Christmas Eve!

    Same to you rok!
  10. Mr Brady

    Merry Christmas Eve!

    You too buddy!!