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  1. dayeze

    This is just not right!

    dam that sucks
  2. dayeze


    what type of game is that?
  3. dayeze

    Defiance Beta - Anyone Playing?

    ill try it out sometime soon
  4. dayeze

    KSI TheHULK 7

    ehh hes just complimenting the community
  5. dayeze


    about 3-4 months. I originally started to play pc games from warcraft 3. But LoL is one of my favorite games on the pc. I would love to get some others
  6. dayeze

    Events Team?

    yeah. But tournaments throughout the community and special events could be hosted by this team
  7. dayeze


    nice ill add u
  8. dayeze

    Events Team?

    In some of my old communities we had a events team that planned out tourneys throughout the community for a bunch of amazing prizes and would come up with new ideas for game nights usually every 2-3 weeks? I didnt see one here so i was wondering if we could start 1 up?
  9. dayeze


    ign: Dayeze. Best game on computer
  10. dayeze

    League Of Legends

    Does anyone play league of legends? Its for PC. Its a really fun game.
  11. Its hard being a recruit in KSI. Wish i had more friends to play witb

  12. dayeze

    Hello =)

    Hello!! I used to be in this ksi or united a long time ago but im not sure so it doesnt matter. My names dayeze and i would love for some people to play with. Im still trying to join ksi so if someone could recruit me that would be great!