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  1. coming up on my two year mark whoa.

  2. The Kraken

    is SR still around?

    Sr and their leaders changed the division name to knights of the bloodoath
  3. The Kraken


    To join ksi may I point you to our join section post a topic with the proper app filled out. To join web ops browser our different depts and see if any are looking for members
  4. The Kraken

    plants vs zombies Any squads doing that game

    Going to our join section posting a topic with the proper app filled out
  5. The Kraken


    Welcome back around; if you're interested in being recruited feel free to make a topic in join section filling out the proper app.
  6. The Kraken

    Reporting back to duty KSI Kered 7DS

    Joke or not, disrespect of any of kered and I moderation staff will not be tolerated your past present rank etc please take that into consideration upon what I assume you'll claim as a joke. Thank you.
  7. The Kraken

    F*** whoever made alcohol legal

    As a debate is not here, moving to spam.
  8. The Kraken

    KSI Days Awards

    Update, all forums points have been added to the members of day two forum contests. Enjoy your new found imaginary wealth and join me in the stock market
  9. The Kraken

    KSI Days Share Your Pride!

    I'm proud to be apart of KSI because not only are we a gaming community but a family, I have learned more than I have taught and it never ceases to amaze me how helpful everyone is here. Im not only proud but honored to be apart of this historical community that continues to grow and push forward.
  10. The Kraken

    Joining KSI

    Please refer to the join ksi section of the forums after you have created an account please and thank you.
  11. The Kraken


    Well we know how badly most of you want points, well it has come time that getting those points becomes easier...to an extent we have opened up a stock market at varying risks with various prices along with a big long term investment option once you get up there. post here with any questions regarding the stocks which can be found in the economy section under investments.
  12. The Kraken

    Buffalo Bills

    Yes lolo. I fear it may have lol
  13. The Kraken

    KSI Day 2014

    hey with under a week to go until the big day, would it be possible to release an itinerary?