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  1. ever get that feeling something bad is gonna happen to you? yeah im waiting for it

    1. KSI ColeTra1n  7

      KSI ColeTra1n 7

      I always think that way and it usually happens for me I've been in so many coma's in the ICU come back from death 14 times most know of that and ask me if I am going to die anytime soon I tell them I have and come back for hat reason I don't know and I am here still!!!!


    2. The Kraken

      The Kraken

      Well damn dude...glad you're a fighter...there's a reason you keep coming back and one day you'll know what it is. Until then know you'll do great things

    3. rave_night_7


      don't wait for it, find it and get it before it gets you! lol : )