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    My Top anime of all time is Highschool DxD, Eureka Seven, Infinite Stratos, and Sekirei. I am a smoker(420 Friendly) and i have other interest's but you will have to ask me about them okay? BTW My name is Kyle..
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  1. DeMoNiiC 7

    A Blast From The Past!!!!

    Omg i havent Seen Coletrain in a whille. is he the real deal????
  2. DeMoNiiC 7

    Admin Request Box.

    Can i get a list of the awards that were on my previous account so that i can have AAP Re Award them❤/
  3. DeMoNiiC 7


    Im looking for any Anime like Highshool DxD and Infinite Stratos. Any suggestion's??
  4. DeMoNiiC 7

    Admin Request Box.

    @Anatomy <3 why didnt my awards transfer to this account?
  5. DeMoNiiC 7

    Admin Request Box.

    i need my other account merged to this account.❤/ Hashirama is my other account. i want to keep the @Eureka 7account.
  6. BTW guys, FYI Anime is life. JK work is life but Anime is awesome....

  7. Have'nt been on this for a while. Whats up


  8. DeMoNiiC 7


  9. DeMoNiiC 7

    JT We love You <3

    Everybody please comment on this saying JT I love you to show him how much we appreciate him. For you guys who don't know JT A.K.A Root Dameon Is the reason why we have our wonderful website, He really does a lot for us.. JT I love You <3
  10. DeMoNiiC 7

    BBQ or Fried?

    How do you prefer your Wingz. BBQ or Fried. I like mine Fried..
  11. DeMoNiiC 7

    Favorite Song Artist

    Who is you guys favorite song artist out there..
  12. DeMoNiiC 7

    The Chosen Moderator...

    I Got Cheated Agian...
  13. DeMoNiiC 7

    The Chosen Moderator...

  14. DeMoNiiC 7

    Who Wants To Be A Moderator?!

    We are going to attempt something all new for our site, we feel the need to add a member to our moderation staff. Attached will be a short questionnaire to fully complete. ALL APPLICANTS WILL BE CONSIDERED. Entries will no longer be accepted after Saturday June 21st at 5 pm EST. FILL OUT AND POST APPLICATION IN THIS TOPIC ONLY. Name: Kyle Sproul Age: 17 Gamertag/PSN ID: KSI DeMoNiiC 7 Rank(s): Co-Fo of Xiled King'Z What does being a moderator mean to you?: The fact that i will be there to help and Maintain our forums, Also i am online most of my day. What could you bring the Forums Staff?: Active, Dedicated member, Here to do what is best for KSI. Why do you want to become a Moderator?: Becuz I Know basic PHP coding that i learned from Code Academy. I would like to put it to use and help a Great Online Gaming Community. Do you have any previous experience? If so what.: Beside's Code Academy When i was with AHG Before my KSI Career i was there Head of Web Operation's. Last but not least, a short paragraph at minimum why we should choose you.: Because i feel like i can bring a lot to the table that can be used by our web op's Staff and/or Forums Members
  15. DeMoNiiC 7

    Who is Tired?

    Red Crusader. Are you tired