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    My Top anime of all time is Darlin in the FranXX, Eureka Seven, Ai Yori Aoshi, and Sword Art Online. I am a smoker(420 Friendly) and i have other interest's but you will have to ask me about them okay?
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  1. Frostiie96

    From Boots to Screen: A Glimpse at KSI's Veterans

    Nice Article...
  2. Frostiie96

    Display name

    you should be able to change it yourself. Go to Account Settings and then go to Display Name. From there you should be able to change it. Everyone get's one free change every 30 day's. LMK if you found this helpful @KSI ClaireBear
  3. Frostiie96

    Profile pic memory limit

    Thnx you i refreshed it and it went back to normal. For some reason last nite it wasnt letting me add any pics becuase it said i've used my attachment limit and it wouldnt let me change my profile pic saying it needed to be smaller than .o97 mb
  4. Frostiie96

    Profile pic memory limit

    Why has the memory limit for a proffile pic been lowered. I can only have up to .097mb and i used to be able to post bigger photos. is there anyway to fix this?
  5. Frostiie96

    Recognition Tab

    I've made the same suggesting in one of my suggestions, if i may give my suggestion on the subject Why not use the news ticker for it.
  6. Frostiie96


    KSI Yearly Events I was thinking KSI Could do yearly tournaments that are hosted every year as long as t&e is still here. During these events i suggest each event last over a course of 3-5 days. Each nite having one or two of the events being hosted each day. Now we need a reason for members to participate in the events so i suggest we introduce a point system. Since KSI is not that big atm at least not multi divisional i suggest we pin squads vs squads. Each event each squad wins would be a point added to that squads total. The leader board also should be viewable on the Forums homepage. The reason each squad is trying to get the highest point total is because that will be the way we split up the funds each year for the divisions. Idk if this is the way it works but i see that there is 100$ more than the targeted amount in the donations box. I figured the extra funds if they are not directly needed atm could be given back out in tournaments. Now back to the tournament suggestion. These yearly events could have themes also like FALL FEST, Easter Break, Summer Camp, etc..... For each event a squad wins in these tournaments they get a point. The div that has the squad with the most gets the most and the least gets the least funding. Also during the events i suggest with do a side event for the web ops to help out with activity on the forums. For Example do a Easter egg hunt on the forums. All over the forums hide different codes in pics, banners, small print, handbook, etc... These codes can be redeemed for prizes varying on there platform of selection. Once someone finds one of these codes they then turn it in to a t&e representative(buy taking a picture of it and sending it on discord in a code submission chat(pinned messages used in chat to let people know which codes are already found)) and then that t&e checks a google doc with a list of the codes with names beside it for if they already been found our if they haven't. at the end of the event(3-5) days all codes get removed off of forums and a list of the winners also get shouted out on discord. Each code found should also be worth one point toward your squads score. The news ticker will also become good with these events because we can use it to post scores and also to list the leaders of the score instead of using a score board. All events could be streamed on twitch if we have the streamers. Viewable per our website also bringing in more traffic.
  7. Frostiie96

    What song are you listening to?

    Pretty Little Psycho- Night core Version
  8. I think the twitch stream should be integrated into the site above the shout box so when ever it goes live instead of going to twitch people can come to the forums to view it. Just a idea. Should i suggest this here or the twitch suggestions.
  9. This right here is more of a idea than a suggestion cuz I don't have it all worked out. I feel like members who are notice going above and beyond should have area where they are acknowledged on the forms such as a Member of the Month box. Someone who has gone past the Call of Duty to help a fellow member and/or positively impacted the community.
  10. I think there should be a special profile feature the one can only obtain by donating to the forms. Such as a Custom Group with a image that shows up beside your name kinda like a emblem. I feel like having something unique on here that you can only earn by donating will def encourage people to donate and will support the community. I think that doing something more than a award will be better.
  11. Frostiie96

    Profile Picture transparency request

    i know i was wondering if that back ground could also be transparent giving the image true transparency on the forums. no profile pic background area being white. it kinda defeats the whole purpose of a transparent background as a profile pic if the site puts a white background in. so maybe change profile pic area to be transparent instead of white
  12. i really dont like the fact that my gif for my profile pic has a transparent yet the website automatically puts a white back ground on it. Is there anyway to give the true transparency to the pics that have transparent backgrounds?