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  1. Karmic

    my cod argument

    How this came about was that some ppl were arguing about their favorite cod so I through this in. I agree about halo, in my opinion halo has the best campaigns when it comes to fps on average. now if you are looking for a fast paced fps where u just kill someone every 15-30 seconds play cod, now if you are an experienced cod player then you will know that you can get a kill in like 4-12 seconds as you play. In a game like battlefield witch is probably the closest thing to war that we can get in a video game. But in the game the kills per sec are not measured in kills per sec, but kills per min. it is much slower and is much more tactical. It is much different from the cod game set, as well as the players that are on the game, where on bf3 the majority of players are older with a huge military audience. On cod the players are younger, in some cases much younger, but the experience is very different. If we get into witch game is best then we will be here all day long throwing out things that are pros and cons on each game. I was just posting this because on different forums I put in my 2 cents and wanted to know if anyone else would agree/ disagree with what I put. also check out my assassins creed thing that is very good. http://www.ksiglobal.com/forums/topic/99653-whats-your-favorite-assassins-creed-game/
  2. Karmic

    my cod argument

    See the general opinion among most gamers that have followed the series for a long time, meaning from call of duty 2, is that cod 4 was the best game. This is mostly because they loved the players and situations of the time when they experienced it. It was a revolutionary game witch was at the time mostly the only game to play. They had new things that no one had ever thought about and executed it into a great game. also the lifestyle on that game was great due to the players all having integrity and the average age on the game was like 18 or 19 and it was great because there was no party system and everyone was chill and talked like humans instead of 8yearold fagbags. If you look at the games and their last ability as well as all of their features then it makes you look at the games differently. When you rate games then you have be like the esrb and online interactions are not rated. Basically the games that were the most fun and were built the best with the most everlasting composition would be blacktops 1 because it is unshakable and the game has zombies as well as normal game. Plus the campaign is very good. the second game would have to be WAW because it too had zombies and had a campaign that was coop and it was a well put together game the multi-player was not as smooth as some of the other games and that is why it is in second place the others would rank: 3-cod4 4-bo2 5-mw2 6-mw3 now that is only for the strong dominating MP cods. If the others were added to the list it would be (without sub titles, so only 1-9) 1.bo1 2-waw 3-cod4 4-cod2 5-bo2 6-cod1 7-mw2 8-cod3 9-mw3
  3. Karmic

    assassins creed ending idea

    I also have a good idea for an ending for AC4. (Warning the AC3 ending will be mentioned in this post so read at your own risk) Ok so imagine this, the end of the game is near. You are playing as a pirate; you find the "alpha piece of Eden" or whatever. Basically you find something that you had been looking for the entire time. SPOILER ALERT. Also Desmond is not dead at this point, still alive still going strong. Then you find the super thing, at that point you (despond) is extracted from the animus and stand up. He tells the British guy what he found and where to get it. (Turns out it is like in space or some ****) somewhere that despond and his team will NEVER get to it. Or it could be info either one. But at this point you hear an unknown voice say, "finally after all this time, we got what we were looking for. (Mind blowing part) then at this point, the room despond and his team are starts to de-animize like Rome and so many other places have before. Then you back out of the animus WAY in the future. A random person, who you have never seen before gets out of a really high tech animus and stands up. Looks at the camera and says "glad I’m finally done with that Guy." black screen for 30 seconds. Credits. Boom. Mind exploded. The premise is that the ENTIRE time that you played assassins creed you were actually a guy way in the future watching despond watch his ancestors. It is possible because in ac3, at the stadium and at the train station, over some of the abstergo guards awareness indicators appeared over their heads. Assassin’s creed prides themselves to keeping the HUD not existing while not in the animus to show that the HUD is an animus feature. So I just gave Ubisoft like the ability to make like 6 more assassins creed. comment if yall fell this would blow your mind!!1
  4. just wondering what yall thought about the assassins creed series. i wrote my reponce to this question i will post below I liked the Ezio trilogy because of the setting as well as the new features, in the first one there were many things that should have been in the game witch they quickly added, like assassinating from a ledge. When they entered 2 they had a good setting and new features as well as a blank slate for a character whereas with Altaïr they had a person already built and could only shift his opinions not the way that he saw the world like they did with Ezio. To me the early Rome areas as well as the 16th century Italia atmosphere were the best. The atmosphere is good as well as the lack of all technology puts the game so that if one breaks the law they will never get caught once they run from the scene of the crime. Another good thing is that the architecture is MUCH better in these time periods rather than in Boston or New York. In AC1 and revelations the buildings were harder to climb as well as there did many tall and diverse types with players want to simply climb the building just to get to the top. Whereas in AC3 the tallest building was what 4 stories as opposed to the church in Jerusalem at like 60 stories. The want to simply run up a building is a must when playing an assassins creed. If the player can hold one button and fly up the damn building with the character doing all of the thinking for them it ruins a large portion of the game. In AC3 Conner will scale any building doing the wall jumps for you as well as anything else that is required to scale that house? now in AC3 the responsiveness of the free-running is much better because it has the 3-D direction set where at any angle u point the joystick it will jump instead of off into some random area. When it comes to free-running the only benefit that AC3 brings to argue that it is a good game is the trees. Back in the 1490's the buildings were immaculate and the controls to scale were not combined. Little things like the shove/tackle button are gone in Boston 1776 the controls are combined into themselves or are automatic. Another big part to the games is the fact that the killing has come too far. In rev it was better because one was not invincible to destroy everyone with one kill streak like in brotherhood. Back in ac1 and in some parts of ac2 you would run from the guards and use hide spots. Now in ac3 hide spots don’t need to exist unless you stumble upon like 43 captains. Other than that it easy to eliminate the enemy's without breaking a sweat. Another big controversy is the crossbow. That the introduction of the cross bow was a terrible idea, but if you think of all of the brotherhood missions that you could NEVER do without it you may change your mind. The crossbow is one of the most OP things to ever be put into a video game, but they made the game harder to offset it. The biggest part about the games though as the submersion factor. The game that takes the cake is the one that you most got into, the game where when playing the game for hours on end, you stop seeing the room around the T.V. and you feel like you are in the game. And ac3 cannot say that for me. I always felt separated from Conner because, personally, Conner is a dumb butt. He is always changing his opinion and cant stick to any path. He started to take the older Altaïr being stoic but the straying from that path. With Ezio you start from a young age and grow as he does. You feel like you are in the game. Also a big thing that ac3 could not do is the constant change of language in ac2-rev. the Italian is good because it helps to submerge you into the game. When killing some random guard in the game, every true assassins creed player has uttered Requiescat in pace to a fallen enemy and especially to a fallen friendly. This submerges you into the game and makes you feel at one with the character that you are playing. All in all I feel that the best games that are in the assassins creed series is the Ezio trilogy. They have the proper architecture, as well as not too unbalanced fighting (excluding brotherhood) and good submersion storyline.