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    Gaming of course!! If I am not gaming I write about gaming. If I am not doing one of those two things, I am either golfing, fishing or hanging with the family.
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  1. KSI xS3NORW4KOx

    Adding KSI members for xbox one

    add me xS3NORW4KOx
  2. KSI xS3NORW4KOx

    Would you play Forum Games/Arcade?

    I think this could bring more people to the site... most of us our competitive anyway.. this could help
  3. KSI xS3NORW4KOx

    "XBOX ONE" What is your initial impression?

    I rewatched the press conference, and I agree this was "suppose'" to be for non-gamers. The issue is that there really is not much for non-gamers. Of course there is the channels, etc., but there is still so much missing. For MS to promote the Xbox One "designed from the ground up to be the centerpiece of every living room", seems a bit absurd at this point. The question I have is how is it the centerpiece. Its plugged into your TV but you still have to change inputs to watch "normal" tv, and besides netflix, etc., which you can also get with most newer tvs directly, unless your gaming it still is not a "centerpiece". Dont get me wrong, I am excited about the new console, and hope to get it as soon as it is on sale, but what they are marketing the console as vs. what it can do there seems to be a large gap.
  4. KSI xS3NORW4KOx

    A message I received on XBL

    I resent a note out that KSI AirMax 7 sent about respect to each other and this is a response I got back... I will delete the name so to not cause any embarrassment. "Gamertag" is away at the moment but i totally agree. children as well as adults play this game and it should be fun. thanks to ksi members who have shown many gamers how to be good sports ... big thanks from mrs."Gamertag" It is good to see others who are on the outside looking in to recognize what we are trying to achieve, especially with the stigma that gamers already have. This is a testament to those in leadership now and those who were here before as to what we are trying to accomplish. KSI Forever!!
  5. KSI xS3NORW4KOx

    Number Game

  6. KSI xS3NORW4KOx

    What would you all like to see happen?

    Please let me know what the dimensions are... thank you.
  7. KSI xS3NORW4KOx

    Thoughts on Gun Ban

    The biggest issue with gun bans is it hurts the law abiding society while the criminals will get them anyway. I am pro-gun and have owned several throughout my life. What they need to do is A.) a full background check and B.) if you have had any psychological issues in the past, then I think there should be a further investigation into it. Do I believe in the average public having assault rifles, no. I can not think for a second in any instance that I need to have an assault rifle. Back when the SKS was first popular, a bunch of friends went hunting and one brought a SKS to hunt with... my comment to him was, if you can't shoot something with two or three shots, you might as well quit. The only people who need assault rifles in my opinion is our military.
  8. KSI xS3NORW4KOx

    What would you all like to see happen?

    Hey guys... One idea i had tonight was using the slider up on top. Obviously, as I am on the news team a pic with link to a certain news article each day would be great (we are building a great team, and hopefully as soon as next week, we will be having three to four articles a day) but the slider could also be used highlight other posts, possibly one spot for each division, highlight an event, or news about FTLA, or other important notes that are posted on a particular subject. Division leaders need to also make sure our members are on the forums.. we are getting there but we really need to ensure all members are participating on the forums... possibly even add it into #6 in the COC, where it states taking pride in KSI, should incorporate participating in the forums and and other KSI activities. Just a couple of thoughts I had
  9. KSI Forever... let's work together and make KSI bigger and better.

  10. KSI Forever... let's work together and make KSI bigger and better.

  11. KSI xS3NORW4KOx

    New Here

    Welcome to KSI Buckeyes..... Look forward to gaming with you and hope to see you around the forums.
  12. KSI xS3NORW4KOx

    "XBOX ONE" What is your initial impression?

    Watching the press conference, there are way more questions than answers given. I think we will find out all we need to know during the Microsoft E3 Press Conference, June 10th.
  13. Your mind can really be cruel to you. I woke up this morning thinking it was all a dream. Thankfully it wasn't and he really is home.I wish the whole family could have made the trip, but soon we will all be together again.

  14. Finally!! Got to see, hug and hold my son!!! He's home!! Thanks to God!!. It's the most awesome feeling. The hanger was very hot... but it was worth every bead of sweat. I will be posting pics and video later. The coolest part, he picked me out of the mass of people and gave me a thumbs up when I gave him one. Welcome home 101st Airborne 3-187 B Co.

    1. R00t Da3m0n

      R00t Da3m0n

      Glad to hear he made it home safe!

  15. Heading out... talk with you all later. Ill be posting a video of the ceremony... let you know when it is available.