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  1. KSI AV8ers


    I love the predator and aliens series. So to see them coming up with a story about how people exploring the home worlds of predators and aliens? That's just so much more intense than predators coming to earth. I want to see if they make a movie about the movie when the people got kidnapped onto the world for the predators to hunt with. I want to see a sequel to them getting off the planet.
  2. KSI AV8ers

    Favorite Movie?

    Lets get this list started... I love movies. 1. Black Hawk Down 2. The Lion King 3. The Land Before Time 4. Avengers 5. Iron man 1-3 6. Star Trek 1-2 7. Thor 8. Saving Private Ryan 9. 300 10. The Sand Lot 11. Little Rascals 12. Home Alone 13. Full Metal Jacket (Military documentary) 14. The Dark Knight 1-3 15. The Green Lantern 16. You Don't Mess With the Zohan 17. Sinister 18. The Lady in Black 19. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark 20. Mirrors I seem to have forgotten the rest of my list but that is the majority of it. I love movies. They're just such a great passtime
  3. Would you play on it? A network that could combine the online play of the xbox, the playstation, and the pc. I think I read somewhere that the 360 tried doing that with the pc and the pc just dominated the 360's elite players. I'm not sure if that's true or not though. I kind of believe it though to be honest. But I want to hear your opinions.
  4. So apparently I'm not allowed to read at my work where I sit and do nothing. Yes let me quit now.

  5. Got my passport today!