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  1. KSI Shigetoki 7

    Competitive Gaming

    Back when I was in Ego Killers now known as the Elite Unit thats how we did it
  2. KSI Shigetoki 7

    Diablo 3

    So Diablo 3 is Absolutely insane for the console! if anyone wants to talk about builds for characters or want to play together please comment below or send me an invite or friends request on Xbox. My gamertag is KSI Uriel VII
  3. KSI Shigetoki 7

    Boosting Forum Usage

    On your 2nd paragraph I see a contradiction on the"user friendly is getting old" is a contradiction to you saying "we've never had this excuse, ever". Also the forum activity has gone up mainly because we have been promoting it way before the 250 was instated. Please direct yourself to the FR section and the RR section where I had trouble utilizing the forums to make it organized because it was not user friendly. In fact MR RCD had to assist me and I'm adequate when it comes to utilizing forums. Also FW has over 300 members and where exactly is there division section? Exactly my point there not up on the section due to the fact that we like to sit and bicker and bash on each other when we all have great views and should sit, and work together.
  4. KSI Shigetoki 7

    Boosting Forum Usage

    Lets be real here, Iceman does his best every day to make sure us Directors and higher know exactly what we are doing. So please before you say it's someone's fault lets have some truthful facts. The reason why the forum activity is dead is simply because there not yet 100% user friendly and are a jumbled mess. For instance the fact that the hurting divisions are forced to have there numbers at 250 before they get a section, that is a flaw instantly in there training; why train 250 members on how to use the forums when we could have had it organized and trained the 80 members that started the division so that way they can train the rest. So please next time you want to "bash" our Cheif of Staff take a look at what he has done to save KSI and all he has put into KSI.
  5. KSI Shigetoki 7

    KSI Minecraft Community World Applications

    Gamer Tag: KSI Shifu EK7 Division: None Rank: Director/ Marketing Supervisor Trademark skills: Pixle Art and unique structure design (Hotel, Foutains, Castles) Some red stone I hate grief it is a horrible thing.
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