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    MY PSN ID IS KSI_LOKI_7 I was DIVISIONLEADER of TRENDSTONE and I love games and editing such as videos and gameplay and wotnot we are working on getting our division back and will have it soon
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  1. KSI_LOKI_7

    PS4 Division?

    There is a PSN division called TREADSTONE... they are on PS3 and have a squad on PS4....if you have PS4 and are looking to join then find KSI_JOHNSON_7 on the PS4 and he will get you hooked up
  2. as i wait, i sit and contemplate, did i do as i should, did i do what i could, who knows what the future will hold, but i did or so im told, bring forth a new time and a new day, a new place for all to play...ksi loki 7

  3. KSI_LOKI_7

    Introductions video

    will do for sure
  4. KSI_LOKI_7

    Man's Cave

    This is for all guys in the clan who want to relax in front of that fire, smoke your cigar, and sit in your big lazy boy, after the long hard you had. This is the man's best friend only replaced by the loyal dog. Of course keep things within COC but chillax guys.
  5. KSI_LOKI_7

    Introductions video

    Dude... Would you guys mind if I make these videos for our division? we have a division youtube and twitch etc...but being your idea i dont want to steal or poach it off you man
  6. KSI_LOKI_7


    ok let me look here
  7. KSI_LOKI_7

    Who Wants To Be A Moderator?!

    Name:I am jd in life....in the community i am known by many names....mythrus1987 , KSI_hatchetman1 , and KSI_LOKI_7 ... Age:26 born 12 25 87 Gamertag/PSN ID: mythrus1987 , KSI_hatchetman1 , KSI_LOKI_7 , ZoMBiE_ReDEATH Rank(s):a few years ago promoted through KSI UNITED up to FOUNDER of PHEONIX RISING division....joined KSI GLOBAL in may 2013 and worked through the ranks quite quickly as me and KSI_SCHMIDT_7 built the new TREADSTONE from scratch....highest held was DIV LEADER OF TS.. What does being a moderator mean to you?: As a moderator within KSI I can better understand the inner workings and possibly impliment PSN protocol which i personally created...as moderator I will better KSI and myself in all aspects possible. What could you bring the Forums Staff?: among many other things I have created a security protocol which would revolutionize the way KSI handles issues...from squad tags being hit to twitch and youtube being hacked..with my OP SEC (operation security) we could focus less on stress and more on important things like activity and fun...I am also restarting school for software developement in august.. Why do you want to become a Moderator?: Being moderator is not a toy or an award. I want to be a moderator to not only better my division but to better KSI as a whole. Do you have any previous experience? If so what.: When I was DIV LEADER of TS I was moderator for TS section for a short time.. I also built a temporary site for TS when me and schmidt first started TS again and ran that site until we got put on KSIGLOBAL.com Last but not least, a short paragraph at minimum why we should choose you.: I believe I should be a moderator for many reasons. One I understand what KSI is supposed to be. KSI is Knowledge, strength and integrity. It is Honor, Respect and Loyalty. It is my home. I have been in KSI a total of three years..off and on..these three years are only counting active in clan. does not count when i stepped down or left. I have always grown and grew KSI with me. Never once have I attacked KSI..not with words or actions or even thoughts. As I grow within KSI, so too will KSI grow with me. Thankyou
  8. KSI_LOKI_7


    An Arcade on the forums would bring much more activity to the forums as well as bringing the whole community together in a game based environment where we can all communicate and compete against each other..Instead of only having PSN, xbox, and PC all seperate this would bring a way to get to know each other as well... for example I see KSI_GAME_7 has the top score in a game i am goin to want to take that title....then if i do ill let him know he should get it back...if i cant beat his score though i let him know thats a good score..forum activity, bringing the community closer as a whole, possibility of more members, the pro's of this goes on but what cons are there for this? let me know what yall think arcade example www.invisionpower.com they allow you to buy the arcade for one price and host it on your site.....thousands of games and I found one bad thing..... it could cost up to 400 dollars...total
  9. KSI_LOKI_7

    KSI in League of Legends?

    Our LOL is currently an experiment to see if it works...we just started working on it last night but have pretty much everything covered...If you are currently not in a squad you may join the team as a member who can rank up in the squad....but if your in a squad you may only join as a filler meaning you cannot rank up in DARK RISING squad...once again this is currently unofficial squad but everything is set up to work just like any other squad...my summoner name is InsomniacHatchet ..we do not have a team yet because you have to be lvl 30 to start teams...we just made the tags that will lead the teams and must rank them up but be sure to add my summoner name and we will play ...thanks...any questions hit me up on here...or for better contact im on PSN at KSI_LOKI_7 and on skype at KSI_hatchetman1
  10. how is everyone....life is not too bad


  12. KSI_LOKI_7

    Do goldfish dream

    i believe if they sleep then they dream i mean even if they dont remember it but this question brought up a mind in me to research a gold fish memory and this is what i found http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1106884/Three-second-memory-myth-Fish-remember-months.html
  13. I close my eyes and pray ill just die but how can that be when you can already see im already dead but my face still turns read and how can i pray when god i left astray---- what is now gone will never be undone not another time will i ever waste my mind I already miss the agony of this to keep my heart right from the start---------- as i close my eyes and pray ill just die you can still see im already dead and yet i still bleed red but did you know why it is i glow toooomorrow---------
  14. KSI_LOKI_7


    I am KSI_LOKI_7 I run the division TRENDSTONE on the PLAYSTATION and am also very active in alot of different games such as COD, FF14, ASSASSINS CREED, ETC. I have alot of games and if you have PSN hit me up my name here and on there are both the same
  15. im livin and doin great