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  1. Buddy_Fuka

    KSI Minecraft Village (Xbox 360)

    Thank you two for the Post! Ill make sure to add you as soon as possible. Any Ideas For The World? If So Please Post Below! Also Follow And Like The Thread If Possible
  2. Buddy_Fuka

    KSI Minecraft Village (Xbox 360)

    lmao thank you. haha I was just about to see if i can get a Gamer Pic on Xbox of this pic.
  3. Buddy_Fuka

    KSI Minecraft Village (Xbox 360)

    Server will be on tomorrow after i get back from College, around 3:30ish Est. Post If you would like to join or send a friend request to KSI Archer
  4. Buddy_Fuka

    KSI Minecraft Village (Xbox 360)

    World Started Contact KSI Archer For Invite
  5. Buddy_Fuka

    User Name Change

    I made this Profile almost a year ago, recently became active again through a long time buddy KSI BIGCOuNtRY7 who is my General. My gamertag is No Longer IRaMeNI and i would like to change it to my Gamertag. Current Username IRaMeNI Requested KSI Archer
  6. Buddy_Fuka

    KSI Minecraft Village (Xbox 360)

    KSI GLOBAL XBOX 360 MINECRAFT VILLAGE Server Status: Offline Introduction Started to allow members to work together and have fun to build an amazing village This Forum Post Will Be Active And Updated Often So Follow Post And Keep Informed On World World Details - Survival Mode (ONLY) - Difficulty can change based on situation - Texture Pack (Natural) - All players within the world must be able to communicate (Same Party) - No Stealing, Greifing or Trolling of anykind - Meant to be fun so dont ruin it for others - Work with one another - We are a community not Lone Rangers (Stay Near The Group) - Do your part - No Glitching or Duplicating of any kind - Be Reasonable - Trust Players is OFF (Ask for Rights when you join) - Must be a Member to play in the World *World Details Will Be Updated If Needed* How To Join To get involved in the KSI MINECRAFT VILLAGE please send a Friend Request to KSI Archer Or Post Below With Your Gamertag To Do List - Community Farm ( Community Project ) . Melon Farm . Tree Farm . Coca Bean Farm . Pumpkin Farm . Wheat Farm . Sugar Cane Farm .Animal Farm - Achievement Hall ( Communtiy Project ) - Nether Portal - XP Farm - Village Resource Center ( Community Project ) *If You Have Any Ideas You Would Like To See Be Added To The List, Post Below* Ideas List All Ideas Will Be Voted On With A Poll To Add Your Idea Post Below *Like This Thread*
  7. Buddy_Fuka

    Is there a KSI MINECRAFT world?

    does KSI already have a minecraft world everyone builds on because if not i would like to run one if anyones interested
  8. Buddy_Fuka

    Number Game

    Just count 1 2 3
  9. Buddy_Fuka

    KSI Minecraft World

    Forever alone
  10. Buddy_Fuka

    KSI Minecraft World

    Hey if you wanna build on the KSI Minecraft World Message IRaMeNI on Xbox anything goes lol im currently building bar/night club