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  1. zConceited


    HI, I figure if I post all caps then it grabs people's attention a lot more. Also, I have a collection of fedora's that I wear everyday, yes, all of them. Why you may ask? Because I can. I look good in them.
  2. zConceited


    KSI Atomic and KSI Old Gregg told me this funny joke, it started with what happens when you (infering me of course) are stuck in a room with Elton John then he proceeded to tell things that I shall never forget. Long story short, Elton John has a beautiful voice, like for example Jesus and Fergie had a child and that child took you on an adventure through a field of roses with a magic carpet and proceeded to see rainbows showering you with glitter.
  3. zConceited

    apologies for an disturbance

    You are forgiven my child, all is well that ends well. These are the preachings that I project upon the community.
  4. zConceited


    So there I was walking down the street when a hawk came out of nowhere and screeched at me so, naturally, I was like what the heck hawk and then we talked and now we're engaged. The end.