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    KSI SavageTruth
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    Gaming, reading about games, checking release dates on games and movies, playing action/adventure game, listening to hardcore music while playing games as a theme music, and well building stuff on minecraft the PC version not the arcade
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  1. Judgement Call

    Is anyone siked for Xbox one?

    To be completely honest I'm more siked for the ps4 because its going to have all the games I wanna get but i also sort of see xbox as my home also I wanna play Dragon age Inquisition :3
  2. Judgement Call

    Almost 30,000 members on the forums

  3. Judgement Call

    Possible games on pc of expanding on

    This is blacklight Retribution
  4. Judgement Call

    Possible games on pc of expanding on

    THIS IS DnD Neverwinter i just did this vid myself it is one of my favorite quests where you get to play an exorcist
  5. Judgement Call

    Favorite Movie?

    Iron Sky it was friggin hilarious
  6. Judgement Call

    What song are you listening to?

    Judgement Call - Savior
  7. Judgement Call


    ahhh the start of alien vs predator gotta love it
  8. Judgement Call

    Black ops 1 vs black ops 2 which is better?

    oh without a doubt Blops 2 its more responsive more fast pace gameplay its the perfect blend of "i'm ready to die" and "as long as I have control Your not gonna kill me"
  9. Judgement Call

    Forum Games?

    i think it would be a good idea maybe it would get more people coming to the forums
  10. Judgement Call

    Director Vote!

    I vote undead that dude is cool
  11. I believe that this small list is capable of expanse on pc for those gamers within KSI who stick mostly to their pc rather than the xbox 360 1. WoW (World of Warcraft) 2. SWTOR (Star wars the old republic) 3. Dungeons and Dragon's: Neverwinter 4. BTRO [PC] (Blacklight Retribution: Onslaught PC Version) 5. DC Universe [PC] 6. MINECRAFT [PC] (Yes there are clans on minecraft) Of course the games I chose are all easy to master and they are all games that have a massive player pressence. Tell me what you think -KSI SavageTruth
  12. In Addition to my music Check out my youtube www.youtube.com/smfdoombear420

  13. good morning all hope ya have a good day :D