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  1. KSI ChocoHolic

    Battlefield or Call Of Duty

    SupedoSpade has got a point it's whatever playstyle you play. Bf3 is slower paced action than cod but in my opinion way funner because of the jets or the tanks, it feels more like war. Can't wait for bf4
  2. KSI ChocoHolic

    what game is better

    @templar yea makes sense. I like ac it's pretty good.
  3. KSI ChocoHolic

    what game is better

    Looking at your username(Templar) I thought you would like assassins creed but I guess not.
  4. KSI ChocoHolic

    Favorite Genre

    House/Techno and some dubstep. My favorite rite now is Vicetone. Used to be DotEXE. Also, I like skrillex I dunno why lots people hate him he's pretty good.
  5. KSI ChocoHolic

    what game is better

  6. KSI ChocoHolic

    what game is better

    1. Skyrim 2. Battlefield 3 3. Far Cry 3 4. Halo 4 I'm a fan of all games but as you can see fps really get my attention...and money. But skyrim...goddamn that was a hell of a game the freedom is amazing. Far Cry 3 was good in single player. Halo had been my favorite game from Halo 2 so Halo 4 was kinda biased but I think the story was strong and so was the multiplayer. Whew, battlefield 3 and DLC's very entertaining. The single player was truthfully kinda boring but multiplayer was very very good. It had everything an fps should have. PS I think COD is a very bad game but that's just my opinion though I did like the smooth gameplay of MW2 THAT'S IT.
  7. New, so help me out a bit?

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      KSI xS3NORW4KOx

      What do you need help with?