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    Women and Call of duty duh :-)
  1. KSI OSUBuckeyes

    am i back?

    welcome back
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    Number Game

  3. KSI OSUBuckeyes

    Number Game

  4. KSI OSUBuckeyes

    Number Game

  5. KSI OSUBuckeyes

    How's it going

    Welcome back bro
  6. KSI OSUBuckeyes

    What would you do?

    Every now and then us hardcore gamers come to this dilemma, you are behind a teammate and spot an enemy to kill. Question is, do you run the risk of hoping your buddy sees and kills him, dosent see him and gets you both killed, or shoot through your teammate to get the kill yourself. Ill shoot through my teammate 10/10 times, and ive only been kicked from about 5 games or so.
  7. KSI OSUBuckeyes

    hey everyone

    Welcome back to KSI
  8. KSI OSUBuckeyes

    A message I received on XBL

    Its not hard to be polite and respectful of other gamers. Ive always treated people that way and expect the same in return. Gamers that are rude are muted and blocked communications from them. Being its a game its supposed to be about fun. Not bs drama
  9. KSI OSUBuckeyes

    NHL Teams

    Chicago Blackhawks
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    Number Game

  11. KSI OSUBuckeyes

    Black Ops 2

    me too
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    Number Game

  13. KSI OSUBuckeyes

    New Here

    That's cool, not too far away then
  14. KSI OSUBuckeyes


    Another great day to be in KSI
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    Number Game