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  1. Erbs

    The Chosen Moderator...

  2. Erbs

    Who Wants To Be A Moderator?!

    Name: Erbs Age: 10 Gamertag/PSN ID: x Erbs Rank(s): Hall of Fame Champion What does being a moderator mean to you?: Life What could you bring the Forums Staff?: Activia Why do you want to become a Moderator?: to keep the hooligans in line Do you have any previous experience? If so what.: yes, ive been a mod on a couple sites. cmod on 360. mod on a couple gfx sites. most notably ive been mod / graphic artist / art director over KSIs' sites for like 10 years - writing and enforcing rules, keeping the sections organized, etc etc. Last but not least, a short paragraph at minimum why we should choose you.: because im pikachu and you're ash and ash always chooses pikachu.
  3. Erbs

    Going to be absent for a little

    should probably just make me admin
  4. Erbs

    what do you look for in a gaming community

    little boys.
  5. Erbs

    KSI Global official app?

  6. Erbs

    KSI Global official app?

    1. no. 2. what does this have to do with applying the KSI-Design team? 3. what the **** would an official KSI app do? Open it up and a message appears that says "you're gay"? 4. go away.
  7. send me a clan invite and make me overlord, my gt is "x Erbs"
  8. Hey erbs remember me?

  9. oh, p.s.. why do you have a penis head as your avatar pic??

  10. I know i have nice breasticles :D thanks for noticing

  11. Three words: Jenna Marbles, youtube.

  12. Tank is my hetero-sexual lifemate.

  13. i use lunapic.com. its just for easy sigs and stuff would i be allowed to be on the designer team?

  14. Erbs


  15. Spider's name change rules suck :(