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  1. Hey erbs remember me?

  2. oh, p.s.. why do you have a penis head as your avatar pic??

  3. I know i have nice breasticles :D thanks for noticing

  4. Three words: Jenna Marbles, youtube.

  5. Tank is my hetero-sexual lifemate.

  6. i use lunapic.com. its just for easy sigs and stuff would i be allowed to be on the designer team?

  7. Erbs


  8. Spider's name change rules suck :(

  9. Obey

    Happy eraly birthday *****

  10. Erbies!! Have my babies??? <3

  11. I think this is a personal record for you. You almost lasted a whole month without being banned.

  12. Help! I'm alive, my heart keeps beating.

  13. Help! I'm alive, my heart keeps beating.