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  1. Tank is my hetero-sexual lifemate.

  2. Spider's name change rules suck :(

  3. Help! I'm alive, my heart keeps beating.

  4. Help! I'm alive, my heart keeps beating.

  5. STFU u dumb *****.

  6. thats a decoy! its andrew's heart i swear. give iarecows his heart back. jerk!

  7. oh hey there. <3

  8. Im almost 5 and a half! august 20th is my half b-day. I'm going into kindergarten this year too! I'm so excited.

  9. i forgot how to spell ur name... oops. i checked ur name history to make sure. :P

  10. lol, my bad. ppl say "remove some1 so i can add u!" n then i go thru and delete the first person i havent seen in a couple days... u can add me again if u want.

  11. how the h3ll are u 18? lol. u definately dont look or sound that young. n e way... when are u gonna like get rich? lol. just make sure to spread the wealth this way mr. remedy.

  12. omg i luv u cole!... if i actualy can, lol.

  13. yay! i can post again!

  14. im suspended and i dont know y. :(

  15. Erbs

    cold smokes crack? oh! that explains a lot.

  16. i h8 u and i dont even know u.

  17. 2nd is way better that 1st u nub. everyone knows that! so u may pwn, but i pwn harder.

  18. thats what im sayin!

  19. this Erbs guy is sexy.