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  1. KSI Tact1csg33k

    Does anyone play Mass Effect 3?

    O_o them instakills are rlly annoying tho!
  2. KSI Tact1csg33k

    Halo Wars

    Ikr. Either hacks, or someone has no life lol.
  3. KSI Tact1csg33k

    MINECRAFT (Xbox 360)

    yup the update is full of new things like villager trading and stuff...but you all can google it so i dont have to waste time copying and pasting XD
  4. Minecwaft ish amazing :P. Just finished an automatic storage room that gives every item in the game 10 large chests....so thats like...too much space? (100x76x20 room)

  5. KSI Tact1csg33k

    Halo Wars

    I never rush unless i expect one....even then most are banshee/warthog/brutes....so....turrets. lol
  6. KSI Tact1csg33k

    Does anyone play Mass Effect 3?

    That thing is such a beast. But the Vorcha rampage is just too OP XD. I can like 4-shot a banshee on platinum after a triple kill. Unless he gets an insta...
  7. KSI Tact1csg33k

    Halo Wars

    So who in all of KSI plays this wonderful rts game? Im pretty decent at it ad i currently hold the rank of brigadier with a true skill in almost every game type of about 28. Not too bad for only a few months of practice eh? Im still learning alot tho. You should play with me if u can!
  8. KSI Tact1csg33k


    I do. Currently working on a massive automated storage system in a 100x76x18 room. Has 10 large chests for each item! Dang thats alot of space! Anywho, im a huge redstone guy and helped KSI HaloKnight7 out the other day w/it on xbox. So if u want redstone help: ask meh!
  9. KSI Tact1csg33k

    Does anyone play Mass Effect 3?

    You should add me . im workin with vorcha right now and its frail but after a kill or two, its just BEAST. Gamertag=name soo...yeah. I play it fairly often!