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  1. HoneyBadger

    Defiance Do you want it?

  2. HoneyBadger


    This song is bad, and you should feel bad
  3. HoneyBadger

    MineCraft xbox edition victorian theme application

    Gamer tag: KSI I LOVE TO 69 Rank: Whip-cracker Any mine craft skills(red stone,building, etc.): I can turn wood into wood planks. Can you keep to the 1800s victorian theme: I'll guard it with my life. Will you keep to the CoC: I'm straight but I can learn to keep a coc. Will you grief: Yes. Do you understand you will be kicked from the game if you break the rules: Do you understand that honeybadger don't give a ****?. Pretty good app huh, so what, am I in?
  4. This post subject to updates, termination, or change of console. As of the moment I've decided to make a guild for Xbox1 or PS4. Our guild will be simply called "Knowledge, Strength, Integrity" The guild will be based out of the Daggerfall Covenant (Orcs, Redguard, Bretons) I want to find out if anyone would be interested, please leave a comment if you'd be interested and which race you would choose and which console you would choose. Personally I'm going redguard, as always.
  5. Just moved over to Rome LE. Think I'm gonna keep it Black Ops 2 though, and leave the BF3 to Deadpool. Gonna be fun.

  6. HoneyBadger


    Mr RCD. The only.. TRUE... Canadian lumberjack. *tear*
  7. HoneyBadger

    The Blank Canvas

    What's with these poems? And at the end should her heart have been her wrist? Can you sing me a song about love now?
  8. HoneyBadger

    Suicidal Tendencies

    I'm a little teapot Short and stout Here is my handle And here is my spout When I get steamed up Hear me shout Then tip me over and pour me... out. Thank you. Your poem is pretty well written as well.
  9. HoneyBadger


    I have taken the liberty of creating a Battlefield 3 platoon for Xbox 360 users. This platoon can be joined by anyone in KSI who takes BF3 seriously, regardless of what squad or division you are currently in. To join you must sign into your battlelog and search "KSI" or try this link: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655392020251623/ . Have fun battlefielders! -Badger
  10. HoneyBadger

    KSI Fantasy Football 2013

    I'll get in on that shiiiii
  11. HoneyBadger

    am i back?

  12. Greek LE is now a BF3 squad. If you're a Battlefield junky then this is the place to be.

  13. HoneyBadger

    Shout out 2 KSI!

    I want a cool sig. How do I make a cool sig like that?