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    Number Game

  2. ConvictioNDR

    Number Game

  3. ConvictioNDR

    Number Game

    That stuff always bothers me with these topics... 79
  4. ConvictioNDR

    BF3 competitive squad.

    I remember wanting to start a BF3 squad when I was in TMG and our main problem was how to have meeting. Looks like you've solved that by still keeping COD in the mix. Templar makes a good point about the competitive thing though.
  5. ConvictioNDR

    Black Ops 2

    The zombie maps are okay. A couple new things in them but not really enough to get praise from me. I've seen too many custom maps made in less time that brought so much more to the table and they were made by one guy where as Treyarch has an entire team. I barely play the multiplayer, but I don't care for any of their maps. I liked firing range better when it was firing range and not studio. Treyarch map design seems to fit the camper play style better and I'm a run and gun.
  6. ConvictioNDR

    Black Ops 2

    I can't stand this game. I've never lagged so much on a four bar before. It seems the problems I had with Black Ops 1 are the same problems I have with Black Ops 2. Hopefully it will get better after the last update they do for the game like it did with Black Ops 1. I doubt I will buy a Treyarch game again after my Black Ops 2 experience so far. I would get rid of the game if I didn't have season pass for zombies.
  7. ConvictioNDR

    Black ops/world or Modern warefare

    I've always liked the Infinity Ward games better. If you know anything about the history of the development of Call of Duty, you will know that Infinity Ward is the real game developers and Treyarch just copy and pastes their work and polishes it up. World at War is just an exact copy of COD4, there is even code for flashbangs from COD4 in the WaW game files and a model of Captain Price's head. Notice the file path at the top of the window. Every Treyarch game is just a polished version of the previous Infinity Ward game. I feel both series have gotten progressively worse though. Especially the Treyarch games. I can't remember ever having fun playing Black Ops 2. The lag is just terrible and the game was focused on competitive gameplay and lost it's fun. The zombies are also boring. I've made box maps more fun than the BO2 zombie maps. Black Ops 1 I only like the zombies and sniping. COD4 still remains the best COD game made, although you have to play it on PC due to all the script kiddies and their so called "mods". MW2 was a good game until the trickshot clans took over. I still greatly enjoy MW3 and I'm ready for the next two years playing Ghosts.
  8. ConvictioNDR

    Window 8

    I love Windows 8! On my phone... on my desktop though? No thank you. I'll be using Windows 7 in my build in a couple of weeks and stick with it for a while.