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    Division Backlogs (Suggestion)

    Then the forums need to start being used since it's supposed to be mandatory. The directors could get with their division leaders and tell them to make an account (if they don't already have one) and have them prove they made an account. Then the division leader could get with their co-division leader and so on and so on. Pretty much, make them get on the forums. From what I've seen on Xbox Live, they aren't pushed too much. If I had the ability, I'd go around the divisions and push them, but I'm not really in a position of power to do that. I am going to be making sure that every Corporal and up at least in the squad I'm over gets an account on the forums and that at the time of recruitment all recruits are informed about the forums and that they make an account in order to help get the forums more active as much as I can do on my part. But I still think the the divisions that utilize the forums should get the upgraded backlogs. I would also gladly use the backlogs on here once they are more secure.
  2. Currently, the divisions that have a section on the forums all have a topic for posting backlogs, excluding EK. Those topics for backlogs are just as useful to us as they are to the enemy. They are wide open and visible to anyone that makes an account on the forums. I suggest that those topics are assigned a password to be viewed or a usergroup is created in order to make sure that they only be viewed by verified officers within KSI. This would ensure that anyone who isn't supposed to be seeing these topics are unable to. I have also noticed that the only divisions that successfully utilize these topics are LE and SR. I believe that it is a possibility they are the only ones who use these because the other divisions do not find these topics safe to post their backlogs in, since they are open topics to all registered members of the website. I believe this would increase the use of the topics, ensure more secure backlogs posted on the forums, and make it easier for the backlogs to make it to the end of the line. Yes, the backlogs can just work their way up the chain of command on Xbox Live, but those topics aren't there for nothing. Why not make use of them?

    Is anyone siked for Xbox one?

    I'd rather pay $400 for a system that has just barely caught my eye than pay $500 for a system that completely lost me when they tried to screw us over with the DRM policies, even know they turned back on it. It seems interesting and all but PS4 just seems like it's going to be the better buy to me. I haven't made a solid decision yet, but I am leaning more towards the PS4.

    For People who never played a sport.

    Hockey is the best sport hands down

    Is anyone siked for Xbox one?

    PS4 all day.

    "XBOX ONE" What is your initial impression?

    I still think my money is going towards PS4.