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  1. Anatomy <3

    So easy getting back on this site

    I spent several hundred hours on these forums so consider me liked a ghost of what once was :p I don’t hate the forums by any means hun And as much as I like reading your nonsense please understand your statements make you out to be an absolute fool who doesn’t know anything lol you’re preaching to about 5 people max on these pages about **** that doesn’t even matter anymore. Go bother Cory instead, I’m sure they’d feed into the attention you seek
  2. Anatomy <3

    So easy getting back on this site

    Imagine being impressed about avoiding a ban on a dead forums page.
  3. Anatomy <3

    Old Folks Attention!

    lol ... mocking the phrasing of my message is not really appreciate but ok .... The idea of "old skool" v "modern day" has been an issue that lingered over any leader who didn't join up during the H2 era of KSI. It is about innovation and how to overcome and deal with people like me who will tell you things aren't the same as they were. Do some digging about KSI and you will find though what I mean ... KSI Events - 2005 ... https://forums.ksiglobal.com/gallery/category/3-ksi-events/?page=3 Now do we need more of SE7EN 7 standing with an Xbox 360 giveaway package in a hotel room to be a great community again? The answer is no. But look at the brotherhood among all of the members there who may have never met in person before that but were having the times of their lives because it meant something. I didn't join KSI until 2011, that era was long gone, so that memory of what we had was always there. Read from the leaders who define modern day KSI ... "Kered: You've been the leader and the owner of the forums since their conception. Which means you've seen many different eras and leadership on here. In your opinion, what was the Golden Age of the KSI forums and what made it such? JT (R00t Da3m0n): I can’t really declare any time a Golden Age. I think the needs of the community have fluctuated over time and we have continued to change. To answer your question though, I think the Halo 2 days were probably the most active days we had." ___________ Koda: "KSI has changed drastically over the years. When I joined KSI originally, it had a back-end infrastructure to support it. We utilized the forums for off-the-xbox chatting and discussion, and we utilized in-game clan battle features. The organization that was on Halo 2 was key. The support of clan battles within Halo 2, and the competitiveness between clans was really what allowed KSI to grow to the massive numbers it had. In-Game support allowed squads & divisions to be clearly defined across the game. Microsoft didn't jump on the "clan" feature, and ultimately, it was a letdown to communities like us, H20, PMS, MoB, XGN, XGC and the like. We were forced to adapt with Friends of Friends lists and other "outside the box" features. But that's just the technical side of it. Even more of a change is the behavioral side of the clan operations. Previously, the community ran with a sense of "respect" and "honor". Our members were proud to be a part of the community, and proud to be involved in something larger than themselves. They enjoyed going out every evening and bringing new people into their world, Their corner of the gaming globe. We respected those above us, we respected our peers, and we respected those below us. But where I look now, some of that sense of respect has been lost.” ___________ We had people posting topics all over the site about being an old skool member v new skool ... "After The loss of the uniforms of Halo 2, Ksi took a plunge into darkness for the most. We no longer had that Wow factor before the match and the loss of people on our teams left gaps that were rapidly becoming bigger. We lost many great leaders that became bored with the fact that KSI was becoming a drama pit with so many changes that no one could/wanted to keep up anymore. Divisions were abandoned, members left behind and no one was stepping up save the few that really clung to the old school way.. eventually things settled to where they are now.. A fraction of what we once were. Memories of greatness.." ___________ ....and that was 2013, still a number of years from today but yet it still was looking towards the past. During my active time in KSI I had some of the most memorable gaming experiences I think I ever had, because of the fact that I was in KSI. We were trying to innovate on the idea of people's pride. "As we all know, of the major things KSI stresses is the importance of a family type atmosphere in our community. Well I have come to an idea to help stress this point even more. This is going to take effort from every Division in order to work. We all know how effective game nights are to build chemistry within squads and divisions. Well let's take it up a notch. Once a day, every week, multiple members from MULTIPLE divisions will get together and just game. Doesn't matter what the game is, just as long as it's a multi player game and every can enjoy. This will not only give members a chance to game, a major purpose of KSI, but it will also break the tradition that you can only game with groups of members in your division. This will give members a chance to meet other people that they may not have had the chance to meet yet. This is all about making lasting friendships throughout KSI, and building a foundation of unity that we can build off of for future generations of KSI members. This will take everyone's help, hope you enjoy." ___________ We worked in the early part of my time in KSI to revive that pride and make something that everyone can enjoy and feel a part of. They could be of any generation, be of whatever rank, because at the end of the day we were priding ourselves of being a part of a community with such a vast history. Read some of the responses from these members, not just the important leaders / retired leaders. Read the real members posts... So what does that all mean at the end of the day... get what you want out of KSI. You do not need the old leaders to come back to take back the reigns because that is how this all repeats itself over and over and over again. I will say as someone looking outside, in, that where is that brotherhood from the Halo 2 era? What makes people stay? Join? Retain membership? Why care? Like I said all great things come to an end and I believe that to the fullest but that doesnt mean things can be changed to help delay that process. Get what you want out of the community and do the things you want. One day everyone can look back on their time active here and laugh at all the silly times and mistakes and joy they had.
  4. Anatomy <3

    Old Folks Attention!

    To speak on behalf of all the "old folk", representation and visibility is what was lost with the move from the forums to discord. KSI is a staple in the history of gaming community history, not just KSI history. We date back to the earliest of communities and many knew of KSI during the H2, H3 era of gaming. Love or hate KSI, if you played H2 / H3 you at least had some views on KSI. There is a vast history that can be documented about the community and by now locking all that away from public eye shows to people not in the community / not on Discord that the community is dying off. All good things come to and end and even coming from a Hall of Fame member who loves / loved KSI, KSI is nothing like it was when I joined nor is it like what it was before I joined in the "golden age" -- and to be honest I don't think it ever will again. Online forums pages all across the internet are dying off as instant messaging apps like Discord are killing off the need for forums. Skype and Kik back in my day were doing the same but there was a balance still. We still had Kik chats for our officers but they wanted to be more active on the forums as that is where the "fun" was. Kik / Skype messaging was seen as the important information / meetings. Discord has surpassed both of those apps for it's connivence (and rightfully so). As you guys pull away from the forums more and more the amount of visibility goes away because you keep your Discord hidden. Look at communities in recent years that have taken off and are doing much much better, such as XGN, SmG, XS ... they are working both and are juggernauts on Discord, forums and XBL. That is just my take, not that it really matters, but yeah :p Ana out
  5. Anatomy <3

    KSI McMatt 7

    Weird to see my name along side Sanders, J3, SE7EN and Fuzzy as although I know most of them / worked with them at one point I’m in a bit of a different generation of leaders than them (granted I’m getting old too ... rip)
  6. Anatomy <3


  7. Anatomy <3

    KSI Security X Awards Request

    I don’t recall you ever being head of news team. Not sure if #2 is right either. I wanna say 2014-2015 was still BlazZze, Miss Lolo and I tossing around the title of Head of News to each other. I don’t feel comfortable saying you ever were. ill vouch however for the events one as I’m sure when Atlas and I were running T&E and LB you had a hand in that.
  8. Anatomy <3

    What does KSI mean to you

    I guess I will give my old timer input. I am KSI Anatomy 7, former Admin, Board of Director, Hall of Fame and all that jazz. I was in KSI from 2011 - 2017 (maybe dipped my toes into 2018 but eh...decently long time). I can share that KSI was a home for me. I joined KSI while I was still in school so I looked forward to coming home, throwing on my headset and getting to play Halo: Reach with some great friends. I knew also that not only would I get to play with people I had come to know in my squad / division, but there was a community of other great gamers I could reach out to and have just as much fun with -- I was never alone while I was in KSI. I got to explore various forms of leadership and although it sounds lame, things like running a squad meeting while I was a General to division meetings as Division Leader, really helped boost that confidence in my own leadership outside of KSI. I served a great deal of time expanding my web operations career, which is more what I am "known for" if I am even remember anymore .. RIP .. but I was able to learn how to administrate an IPBoard Forums here, learned from other artists on how to great better graphics, expanded my creative writing skills, video, and so much more. KSI was a blast and if things were different, I wouldn't be sitting here all retired and stuff but looking at all the new faces here, I think its fine that I am retired (and not in a bad way). I want everyone to have a chance to have the same takeaway I had from KSI. I definitely had ups and downs in my journey but KSI still remains something I value dearly. Take everything you can while you're in KSI, you won't regret it!
  9. Hey Anatomy, remember me? :p

    Hit me up on xbox live so we can catch up some time.

  10. Anatomy <3

    Fortnite: Season 5 Preview

    Fornite: Season 5 Preview KSI Packers - News Team Writer There is some pretty big news and speculation coming out of the Fortnite Franchise regarding Season 5, scheduled to release on July 12th! In case you missed it, the rocket within Snobby Shores launched on June 30th. Once the rocket broke the atmosphere, a robotic voice could be heard and the rocket came crashing back down to the surface. The rocket traveled all around the map through various portals, eventually shot out from Loot Lake creating a huge rift in the sky. This has caused a lot of the speculation surrounding what exactly is going on in Fortnite. The rift in the sky has been getting bigger and bigger each day. This is similar to how developers treated the comet in Season 4. Places around the Fortnite map, such as Motel, Tomato Town, and Lonely Lodge have seen smaller but growing rifts. Promotional Teaser Image released by Epic Games promoting Fortnite: Season 5 According to Steven Ry, an IGN Staff Member, data miners have also found files for new areas and points of interest on the map. Could we be getting a brand new map once Season 5 drops? Epic Games released a teaser image for Fortnite: Season 5 that has everyone drawing even more speculation. The teaser image depicts the rift that is found in the sky currently around the map but also what appears to be an Egyptian type Sphinx. One Reddit user believes the character is Bastet, an Ancient Egyptian goddess, but developers have yet to comment on the true intentions of the image. This Reddit theory however would certainly fit into the theories that many have about Fortnite: Season 5 being based upon time travel. We can read and hear all these speculations and theories but one thing is for certain: No one will known the true meaning behind Fortnite: Season 5 until it drops on July 12th! So gear up and get on that hype train for Fortnite: Season 5! Check out more information about the theories surrounding Fortnite: Season 5 on IGN: http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/07/09/fortnite-season-5-teaser-image-unveiled
  11. Anatomy <3

    King/Queen of the hill

    I am the Queen of the Hill, a King needs someone to "help them" with their "little issues" if you catch my drift
  12. Anatomy <3

    Advice from a KSI Leader

    Coming from a leader who has been around the block a few times, I can tell you that the only thing in KSI that stays constant is, ironically, change. I first joined KSI in January 2011 and since have had my fair share of ups and downs throughout my time in KSI. I am sure many of those reading this may also have experienced/are experiencing similar situations (and if not, you for sure will). I have learned countless amounts of skills through all the consequences and improvements that my actions have caused over the years to promote change or, in fact, prevent change. I would like to share the number one thing that I have learned that if everyone in the community worked on together, we could make KSI better, stronger, and healthier today and that is to stay true to yourself and your beliefs and not being afraid to express it. What does being true to yourself mean? Can’t that be seen as egotistical? Although it can be turned into an ego quickly if handled properly, staying true to yourself is the best thing you can do for your KSI Career. Obviously, we can’t always agree with every way different situations are handled in KSI, but that being said, we can’t also fear to be wrong. If you start allowing others to model you after themselves you lose your creativity and individuality, thus muting out many amazing ideas / ideas-to-be that you could share with KSI. Once everyone is thinking alike, KSI becomes a sort of boring, grey place where there is no real gain as we are apart of the community. Far too often I have seen people hold back an idea because it may just sound too silly to be feasible to implement into KSI when in reality they are so close to the best solution. When we hold your voice back it also takes away the chances for dialogue between yourself and other’s ideas that actually could lead to the best solution for any issue that KSI could throw out at you. Allowing one person think of the rest of us is selfless. We then have no one to blame but ourselves when we don’t agree with the direction of the community and felt it could have gone better. You can’t expect to always have the support of many but simply voicing your idea in a constructive manner is always accepted in KSI. Tell your leadership “Hey, I have an idea that I would like to share on how I think this could be better” or “Could we try out this idea?” I can assure you that not a single leader in KSI would ever tell you no, never going to happen or to leave them alone and drop it. So long as you keep it positive and express interest in helping the entire squad, division, or community, it will never be seen as ego, rather, it is seen as amazing leadership qualities! What is amazing about KSI is that if you take outside of KSI and take that tip into your real life, you may notice positive changes there too. As humans, we have this social pressure to be right 100% of the time so we would rather not take the risk of being wrong, so we hush up. I am by no means saying that once you voice your opinions/thoughts that you automatically are correct, that would be too ideal, but there is that chance for change. Feel free to have KSI be a sort of testing ground if you are too afraid to try this out in your personal life at this point. Try using your voice in your squad/division and give constructive help/thoughts/ ideas/opinions and see the changes that occur. If I had had this information sooner in my KSI Career I think I could have gotten way more out of KSI, so I encourage you all to at the very least, try.
  13. Anatomy <3

    Anime and Manga Recommendations

    I haven't updated a full list in a while so maybe I will do that later today, but here is my Top 10 Manga (note the manga is always better). Check these out! 1) Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 2) Berserk 3) Battle Royale 4) Goodnight Punpun 5) Yotsuba&! 6) Parasyte 7) Killing Stalking 8) Tokyo Ghoul 9) Inuyashiki 10) Initial D Do note: Some of these are kind of out depending on arcs. Berserk's Golden Age arc, which is the second arc of the story that covers volumes 3-15 is absolutely perfect. The series however drops off after that point into something that I don't really think is anywhere near as good as this backstory arc. Still good but not enough to justify it to be above Jojo's (that arc alone though, yes lol) Also Dragon Head would come in as #10 but the series also drops off after a certain point. The first arc where they are trapped underground after a train accident is so amazingly dark, but once they leave in volume 3 the series drops and is less than rememberable. But I would stand behind any of these and say that there is no way to dislike any of them!