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  1. TheTryhardTroll

    Minecraft Sky Factory 2

    ill play man I mKendall
  2. TheTryhardTroll

    Star wars VII

    its actually a question about the movie i would like to discuss with other people if you dont want to see the question dont click on it and stop acting like 9 year olds, i mean isnt discussing things the whole point of this subforum i really do not see why you are geting angry when i am litterally trying to discuss a topic, and i actually put the spoiler in a spoiler SO ONly people who ahve seen the movie would click on it
  3. TheTryhardTroll

    Star wars VII

    spoilers in the spoiler Can we talk about how disney did on the film?
  4. this SSJS lesson is hard..someone should help me,,

  5. the guy who teaches me programming just canceled for like 2 weeks, .....****

    1. KSI Ace 7

      KSI Ace 7

      You need a teacher?

  6. TheTryhardTroll

    Calling All Steam Users

    i dont think mine is forum " appropriate "
  7. TheTryhardTroll

    Favorite Anime Character of All Time?

    Socks are for your feet, Silly.
  8. TheTryhardTroll

    Favorite Anime Character of All Time?

    Ushio from Clannad after story {shes the young girl in my sig}
  9. i like how as aproahing my 3 year mark, I've only been acknowledged for a few things that I've done fro KSI, everything else other people took credit for.

  10. that point when you're empty inside and people start to realize you're just acting normal

  11. TheTryhardTroll

    Dota 2

    what he^ said
  12. upstate NY weather is BS Summer=90°+ Winter= -20°-

  13. Can i just say,PS3 yaaassss ,360 nuuuuuuuuuuu

  14. im looking for some pretty cheap games for ps3. Any ideas?