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  1. my new gtag is SwG x Red Wolf but i still would like to join back

  2. hoping to keep my rank when i switch to global

  3. ksi-dark-star95

    thinking of coming back 2.0

    hey i did message u back id like to join but i dont think u got my message
  4. ksi-dark-star95

    thinking of coming back 2.0

    hi im ryan im 17 will be 18 in two months. i used to be in ksi global for awhile then every body started going crazy and like that other guy said they said the clan was kaput so ijoined ksi united and am currently a 1st LT in a new squad and i was lookin for the new website for united when i found this website. i always liked ksi global. an i would like to come back cuz it was one of the best times of my life my gamer tag is KSI Dark Star95 . so is there anyway i could come back... ??? and btw id like to maybe stay a LT or sumthing cuz i was in training to become a major! thanks: KSI Dark Sar95