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  1. Babylon

    What would you all like to see happen?

    I think there should be a required ammount of posts for certain promotions. Would really help with activity.
  2. Babylon

    What would you all like to see happen?

    I would love to see timers for events, as well as Squad subforums. Just food for thought
  3. Babylon

    KSI Minecraft Community World Applications

    Gamer tag:KSI BABYL0N Division:SR Rank:2nd Captain Trademark skills:(Like Redstone, gardens, houses, traps, etc.) generally just good building Have you ever played Minecraft on the PC? Yes, i have owned several servers Do you like to grief maps? Yes, i am an experienced griefer. Youtube.com/theobsidianaxe (if you heard of it back in the day) Last part showcase some of your work. What is the best thing you have ever designed? Feel free to show us! i have some pictures, i just have to find them soon lol
  4. Babylon

    The Path

    really the problem is that forum activity isnt enforced within the divisions/ squads as ive seen so far. as for the tradition, its up to the current generation to create that tradition then.
  5. Babylon

    "XBOX ONE" What is your initial impression?

    my initial impression was akin to a knife in the back, followed by julius ceasers famous qoute of you too? other than the nsa spying, the suicide checks, and the general invasion of privacy, i think it might be a decent console