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  1. RT @StDxRake: RT if you can hear this https://t.co/uMtC6mMIj4

  2. RT @TheRealJenCandy: 24 years later, you are still loved & greatly missed. We learn from our parents as children. No one is perfect, and we…

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  8. So I started playing the division again and somehow my character got deleted. So the grind will start all over agai… https://t.co/ltPsKlbHVp

  9. RT @ThatKevinSmith: It DOES get so much better, Keaton! As a kid I was bullied for being a butterball. It hurt like hell. But you seem to u…

  10. RT @WatchChad: Find someone today and show them love. I don’t mean like “press the button under your desk and lock the door” kind of love.…

  11. RT @espn: On this date in 1985, Rocky Balboa defeated Ivan Drago, proved everyone could change, and redefined the training montage. https:/…

  12. RT @LOLBOOKcom: Stray Dog Saves Woman From Robbery #dogsoftwitter #FridayFeeling https://t.co/sox0PrThQa https://t.co/pDSmXXLMfK

  13. RT @shyanna_n: Why did my little sister square up at my mom

  14. RT @brokehorrorfan: Jamie Lee Curtis reunites with Michael Myers for Halloween photo: https://t.co/e8tNtHOKG3 "Some wounds never heal!" ht…