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  1. im feeling great got to vent but sorry for what i did

    1. KSI Zin 7DS

      KSI Zin 7DS

      Glad to hear that you're feeling better

  2. feeling a lil better

  3. feeling pushed out and stepped on :/

    1. Anatomy <3

      Anatomy <3

      I am truly sorry you feel this way :(

    2. JD No7™

      JD No7™

      Hey I would be great if people would just responses instead of ignoring me

  4. JD No7™

    My favorite sports teams :D!

    Ewww... Hockey Buffalo Sabres Football Buffalo Bills
  5. JD No7™

    Forum Games?

    Great idea this would be awesome and could make it a competition and give out forum points for the winner every week or two or month
  6. JD No7™


    Welcome to KSI have any question pm on the forum or message me on Xbox KSI JD No7
  7. JD No7™

    motivation and inspiration

    I was just going to quote that No balls Rubiks
  8. JD No7™

    alphabetical word game

    Gangnam Style
  9. JD No7™

    How do you relax?

    Listing to music, messing with my phone , or just chill on the porch
  10. JD No7™

    alphabetical word game

  11. JD No7™

    Hometown fans?

    Let's Go Buffalo
  12. JD No7™

    What would you all like to see happen?

    I think there should be a easier way to fellow the the topics we create or when someone quotes Ur post
  13. JD No7™

    The "I Am Awesome" group.

    I'm up for the challenge