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  1. YESSSS https://t.co/zD8sW4mH4x

  2. Watch out guys checkpoint on domersville at the light

  3. @ChiefinBlunts I gotta redo my entire breaker box, I’m taking my water heater out and putting in a tankless and the… https://t.co/rz6nkWPR5d

  4. Really love being an adult

  5. I feel like buying an eighth of wax or an ounce of bud is literally the biggest problem I’ve ever faced

  6. Wish my ugly butt drug addict stepmom would get rid of my last name but she wanna be part of my family so bad

  7. Need to chill tf out and smoke a bowl before I really go off on someone on some stupid ****

  8. Deadass can’t open my snapchat without accidentally opening somebody’s messages with the new update

  9. Snapchat updates lame as ****

  10. Omm this is my last year in Ohio, just need to save up about 10K, it’s grind time

  11. Lemme get my taxes rq so I can get myself out of this financial hole plz God

  12. RT @DeezyFbaby10: “Can’t wait to leave” https://t.co/l97A7ojI0J