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    Some of you may wonder why I just upped and left in sorry but after getting my last test results back that's all I could do. Sorry FW for letting you down and dropping fury it has good potential just not without a good leader who can be with them!!

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  1. woohoo we got our own section in the forums. good job FW!!!

  2. Super sick right now don't expect anything prodictive to come from me this weekend!!!!

  3. Neliel

    Looking for squad/ young gun squad

    What squad are you in right now?
  4. Neliel

    Defiance Do you want it?

    Have you ever tried Defiance? Well now is your chance. The game has recently be reduced in price. About a month ago the game was $30.00 everywhere. Now you can start Ark Hunting for only $10.00. Regularly priced for $20.00 threw amazon but now on Defiance.com the game is reduced to $10.00. Defiance.com Amazon's Price for Defiance
  5. Neliel

    Your future kid

    Wow great video
  6. Neliel

    MineCraft xbox edition victorian theme application

    Gamer tag: KSI Neliel 7 Rank:SGT Any mine craft skills(red stone,building, etc.) walls, Redstone gates, and replications Can you keep to the 1800s victorian theme: yea give me a pic Will you keep to the CoC:yes Will you grief: no Do you understand you will be kicked from the game if you break the rules:yes
  7. KSI Minecraft World Application Host KSI Avengers 7 Xbox 360 only Do you want to show off what you can do in minecraft? We are looking for talented members to help develop the best survival map you have ever seen! All members who are interested in building within this map should first take a look at the map. To receive permissions on the world one must fill out an application on here! KSI Avengers 7 or KSI Neliel 7 will send you a PM informing you of your permissions. Gamer tag: Division: Rank: Trademark skills:(Like Redstone, gardens, houses, traps, etc.) Have you ever played Minecraft on the PC? Do you like to grief maps? Last part showcase some of your work. What is the best thing you have ever designed? Feel free to show us!
  8. Neliel


  9. woohooo how are you?

  10. Neliel

    hey just checking things out!

    Thank you all for the great welcomes...I know much about KSI just seeing if this is were I wanna ground my feet. I would love to game with some y'all I have a large assortment of games. Mostly on cod n bf3 lately
  11. Hey y'all got an invite to join KSI just want to see what y'all were about maybe get some games.