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  1. My Xbox Gamer Tag is KSI Fus Ro Dah. Hit me up if you wanna chat or game.

  2. I am back with the family and I am working my way back up to where I once was. If you want to chat or if Newer members have questions, feel free to message me on here, or xbox: CF Army VI : Name will be changed once Significant funds is added to my account :D

    1. KSI Fus Ro Dah

      KSI Fus Ro Dah

      *Update* With the last tid bit, it is meaning my xbox name ^.^


  3. KSI Fus Ro Dah

    Slender Man's Forrestal Abyss

    -laughs as Alt+F4 doesn't work- This isn't a game Mr RCD
  4. KSI Fus Ro Dah

    Slender Man's Forrestal Abyss

    -appears in front if you- looks like your still here.
  5. KSI Fus Ro Dah

    Lets make a story

    Then Mr Slendy comes and the story is over
  6. KSI Fus Ro Dah

    Pokemon anyone?

    I'll give it a shot
  7. If you enjoy Slender Man, then you've came to the right place. If you think you can leave... Your wrong