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  1. I finally receive my @TheSMii7Y plushie :D https://t.co/c9O1ANPruD

  2. Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary https://t.co/RMDDh1Dp9P

  3. RT @MrOppaiSenpai: BREAKING NEWS: over 10,000 #DragonBallSuper fans gather in Machala, Ecuador to see #DragonBallSuper130 (episode 130) pub…

  4. RT @Logic301: The Bobby Tarantino vs Everybody Tour. Tickets on sale Friday. https://t.co/swYgoeNDnn

  5. RT @PeeShayy: Follow &RT to enter! Giving this away soon. Who wants it? #GreenWall #OpTicGaming https://t.co/vPOdGyCE9Y

  6. RT @FFXVEN: Love is in the air today & whether you're spending it with your fiancé, special partner or... respected confident, remember we'…

  7. RT @E3: You've been asking. Here's our answer. February 12. 12 PM ET. https://t.co/6ohRvpa2Am See you there, gamers. #E3isComing #E32018 ht…

  8. @reaquaza I would too, great song btw

  9. Watching @GamesDoneQuick halo 5 speed run next to master chief @distro #AGDQ2018 https://t.co/iDVRpJOIyr

  10. RT @Bonesaw577: too soon? https://t.co/GBmLzyCqG9

  11. RT @sighberta: RT & LIKE FOR A FOLLOW https://t.co/JysCMy9YuX

  12. RT @XavierWoodsPhD: WHAT WHAT WHAT?!?!?? So pretty much next time I go to Japan then I'm just staying

  13. RT @MadeULookbyLex: ❄️ NEW VIDEO! ❄️ Requested “pretty” Snow Miser! ❄️ If you like this video, please do me the biggest favor and share the…

  14. RT @beautyskilled: Rt =1 squat // like = 1 pushup. Make me die tomorrow. ❤

  15. @beautyskilled You look amazing and beautiful

  16. My shirts came in today, it looks amazing @FilthyCasualco #filthycasual https://t.co/7gBd9I9jvK

  17. @HoneyBeeCMNDR is there any way I can send you this flash magnet? https://t.co/yAHvYwEIBm

  18. RT @Subcult619: OK, Destiny 2 has been out for a while, I am looking for your honest opinion on the game thus far. (For best results please…

  19. RT @Subcult619: THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Learn how to activate a Heroic Public events. Don't be THAT Guardian. Thank you. #De…

  20. RT @fusionaddict: [email protected] & @samriegel in the greatest moment in @CriticalRole history. @JoeManganiello's face is priceless…

  21. RT @TeamSoloMid: [email protected] jersey hype! Retweet if you want one

  22. I will never forget that day thanks to @pure_dreaming #Destiny2 https://t.co/NYbRVhwncs

  23. RT @thislukesmith: Destiny 2's first Raid has a Power range of 260-280.

  24. RT @FloreMaquin: Best. Gif. Ever. https://t.co/5yBnf1uSdv