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  1. KSIxCuddlyxVII

    Owning a big dog

    Alright something I wanted to write about given my time with big dogs my family has owned over the time. They are a complete disaster and nightmare to deal without proper training and handling. The current dog I'm dealing with; although just a pup, but the size of a full grown beast already is giving everyone nothing but trouble and will not listen to others. He is a lovable pup, but due to lack of teaching the dog rights and wrongs, he has become a nightmare when company is around, even if its just me visiting. Now he listens if I raise my deep voice and hand at him(I do not hit him if anyone is going to assume that), the raising of the hand is simply to motion him stop whatever it is that he is doing wrong. Past full grown dogs my family has and continued to own fall under very large pure breed German Shepherds , who are/were the size of this beast, but they had training to make them behave. My honest to god tips: 1. Train them early - if and all possible take them to classes -if can not afford it , do it at home daily 2. Do not reward them for acting a fool and biting folks, put him/her in their cage or room. 3. If you know for damn well they're going to be a hand-full, please oh please DO NOT IGNORE THE ISSUES, GO AND TRAIN THE PUP!
  2. does the community simply not abide by the requirements of the rank structure anymore? or am i missing something here....?

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    2. Tech


      Today's members have a different mindset overall and the ranking structure should be modified in a way to fit those mindsets and people in a positive way. Tho you will see, like your original status, that there are lots of folks who do things on their own with out acknowledgement of the structure/coc and how things should be carried out. :(

    3. KSIxCuddlyxVII


      yeah tech lets just cry and hug it out , its a sad time :(


    4. Tech


      When in doubt hug it out. <3

  3. KSIxCuddlyxVII

    Why did you Join KSI?

    To be quite honest back then; almost a decade ago , when I was a wee lad and I mean wee, I joined because the individuals I was surrounded by at the time seemed to embrace me with open arms. I look back now and I honestly don't think I feel the same embrace now when I look around , maybe it's because the people changed , maybe I changed, maybe it's just the newer generations that are coming in just don't have the same stride and sense of respect and honor. Or maybe there is the slightest tiniest chance I'm losing my marbles...which I highly doubt
  4. KSIxCuddlyxVII

    New "Clash of Clans" Clan

    just going to say there already is one up and going , and i be happy to accept you into it
  5. KSIxCuddlyxVII

    Possible thanksgiving weekend contest/tournament idea

    its more or less gonna start and last through the entire holiday season with a series of contests/tournaments starting this weekend if possible
  6. KSIxCuddlyxVII

    Possible thanksgiving weekend contest/tournament idea

    I thought about that but I just don't want to constrict it to one game
  7. Thinking about having a contest/tournament of some sort and looking for ideas. But the winner(s) get to choose a game for whichever platform they may play on, or choose a points card etc. I'll be paying for the prices. Just really need ideas for what others are thinking.
  8. Just saying if i choose to walk away from something, doesn't mean I was butt hurt, i just won't waste my time on it

  9. ever just wonder what happened to those that just disappeared off the face of the earth from the community? Tbh it bugs me from time to time, because you used to be so close with some of them; that it eats at you knowing they left without a single trace/word

    1. PFC Link

      PFC Link

      To be honest, I have to agree.

  10. KSIxCuddlyxVII


    Rick , I swear to god.....
  11. KSIxCuddlyxVII

    your favorite song(s)

    Never Let Me Go by WE CAME AS ROMANS
  12. KSIxCuddlyxVII

    Elder Scrolls online xbox one

    Thinking about starting up guild on there for those of us that play the game, sorta looking for opinions
  13. KSIxCuddlyxVII

    your favorite song(s)

    Ahh can't make it just 5 or 10 , I love too many songs and listen to too much. But if i had to pick a few I would pick: Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus That Feeling by We The Kings Closer by Ne-Yo Satellites by Kevin Gates
  14. KSIxCuddlyxVII

    (Game) Last Beverage

    Hey we vampires need to survive lol, jk actually had a vanilla d pepper
  15. KSIxCuddlyxVII

    (Game) Last Beverage