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  1. KSI_SavageTruth

    xbox one games your looking forward to

    Dragon age Inquisitions Definitely
  2. KSI_SavageTruth

    What are you watching?

    I'm watching KEY & Peele so funny xD
  3. KSI_SavageTruth

    Netflix Hidden Gems

    "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" If you like old fashioned romance movies that are kind of funny and chill and laid back to watch with family or a loved one Check this movie out Its Definitely A winner
  4. I think I opened up a thread like this a long time ago and it was pretty fun to see the movies that people would pull out of the past so I thought I'd do it again. So here is my choice for a movie that would make a great video game Event horizon
  5. KSI_SavageTruth

    What is Your Favorite Doctor Who Episode

    o.O you've seen the episode slated for saturday in the US ?
  6. KSI_SavageTruth

    What are you favorite Anime Shows?

    I agree lol but for me Lucky star was a little too cutesie but maybe one day I'll go back and give it another chance
  7. I've done the favor of Compiling a list of all the ones I have ever watched :3 I love anime 1. When they Cry: Higurashi (Severly disturbing Anime NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART....Not kidding) 2. Ghost Hunt 3. Ghost stories 4. Hell Girl 5. DBZ 6. Bleach of Course 7. Naruto....DUH 8. Tenchi Muyo: War on Geminar 9. Tenchi Muyo: GXP 10. Tenchi muyo: Tenchi In Tokyo 11. Tenchi Muyo: Ri oh oki 12. Tenchi Muyo: Tenchi universe 13. Tenchi Muyo OVA 14. Sailor Moon (The Whole Series) 15. yu gi oh 16. Maburaho 17. Demon King Daimo 18. Welcome to the NHK 19. Eden of the East (Whole Series Including Movies) 20. A Certain magical Index 21. Avatar The Last Airbender (Screw Korra) 22. Revolutionary Girl (Both the Show and the Movie are Fairly Good) 23. Gantz (Blood and gore Not for the easily sick) 24. The Devil is a Part timer 25. My Wife is a Mermaid 26. B Gata H K: Yamada's First Time (Very perverted...You've been warned) 27. Sayuki 28. Fairy Tail 29. Sword Art Online or SAO (Both Series 1 and 2) 30. Gurren Laghan!!!!! (If I yell it...Nuff Said) 31. Deadman Wonderland (Sadistic but fun) 32. Noragami (An amazing story Loved it) 33. Love Hina ( Again Perverted) 34. Please! Teacher (Good Love story Kinda slow though) 35. Please! Brother (Just Plain funny) 36. Psycho-pass 37. Rosario + Vampire Seasons 1 and 2 (TOTALLY WORTH IT) 38. Seki Rei Seasons 1 and 2 (kind of perverse but funny) 39. Moonphase (Hilarious) 40. Angel Beats (Hilarity, happiness, Sadness, Love, hate, and death all rolled into one THE PERFECT ANIME) 41. Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 (....Because....Bubblegum Crisis) 42. Divergence Eve (Again Perverted but still Very good story) 43. The K.I.T.E. Series (Completely Demented...Totally worth it) 44. Ouran High School Host Club (VERY VERY VERY FUNNY ....Warning Yaoi Tendencies) 45. Puella Madoka Magicka (Ever wondered why Magical Girls are The WAy they are today.....Watch this and You will never look at them the same) 46. Un-Go 47. Nyan Koi! (HILARIOUS) 48. Special A (PERFECT) 49. Real bout High School: Samurai Girl 50. Baki The Grappler 51. Angelic Layer 52. BUSORENKIN!!!! 53. Ikki Tousen 54. Black Butler (Soo Epic) 55. RahXephon 56. Evangalion 57. AM Drivers (I've been looking for this one for a Long time I've seen it once But Could never find it after that good luck finding it) 58. Rurouni Kenshin 59. Queens Blade Series (Highly Perverted But so worth to watch Great Story Great fights....but some enemies have ridiculous weapons...like Breasts that shoot milk that is acid Still worth it though) 60. NEGIMA?! (About a Kid Wizard who Joins the Normal world as a school teacher Very cool) For Now That's all I got Guys But I may Update My list Later Tell me Your favorite anime Maybe I could add to my list by watching some of your favorites
  8. KSI_SavageTruth

    What is your favorite Food?

    pizza chinese fried chicken Deep fried tilapia Pork loins corn any kind of cereal etc.
  9. In Addition to my music Check out my youtube: www.youtube.com/Jcallplaysgames

  10. KSI_SavageTruth

    Favorite movie

    As of now Dragon Ball z Battle of Gods....Could not stop laughing