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  1. KSI Gorter

    Any one play WoW? Guilds!

    u should get it i think its worth the little it cost a month. and its pretty fun
  2. I am looking for people to start up a guild on WoW, if anyone is interested and would want to start new characters with me. I am wanting to start one on Alterac Mountains as an alliance Guild and also make a Hord Guild. I am looking for a couple peopl who would not mind starting a character from lvl 1 and work r way to 90-100 and get people to join up with us. if anyone wants to you can message me on this or reply and i can send u the team speak or skype that we might have to use. thank you
  3. KSI Gorter

    Anyone play league

    Yea it takes some time
  4. KSI Gorter

    Anyone play league

    No not wow. League of ledgends. And who u play as?
  5. KSI Gorter

    Anyone play league

    If anyone plates league of legends hit me up on Xbox an I can add u on. GT is KSI Gorter