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    Denied by recruiter. Application closed.
  2. Here

    He was in HF. He will need to have an approved transfer.
  3. clisby Join KSI Application

    Closed for inactivity.
  4. Limit Amount of Awards Shown

    Yes please! Like a spoiler or something. I'm proud of what I've earned, but I don't need to scroll past it all when I'm on mobile lol.

    Hey, you awesome FS people! Can't tell you how excited I really am to have another classic division home again! ♥️
  6. Signature Request- KSI Packers97

    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/268086723878060032/348576188228304896/Packersv4.png To put this in your signature, go to your name at the top right - > Account Settings -> Signature -> Insert other media -> Insert from URL. Copy the link and put it in there and boom, it's in your sig
  7. When Gaming Meets Classwork

    I played against them a couple times. They were great players but really mean lol.
  8. About KSI

    Knowledge, Strength, Integrity. These are the traits and qualities we look for in our members, to develop them further, and to construct a community together. It is about more than just gaming. For nearly 15 years, we have aimed to build upon life skills, technical abilities, and lifelong friendships. Leadership is important, but even more than that, KSI is about teamwork. Conflict resolution, understanding different ideals and motivations, and setting aside differences for a common goal are all essential to the efforts we put forth to build our squads, divisions, and departments. Members develop incredible team-building and leadership abilities through the efforts they put into making KSI the long-lasting community it has become. There are several opportunities for members to learn new technical skills as well. KSI offers the chance to take part in our various web operations departments to learn journalism, graphic design, video editing, and more. Members voluntarily dedicate their time to learning these skills and teaching others to better their abilities and explore their options. These chances to try something new and master a skill have resulted in revealing new hobbies and even career paths for KSI members. We strive to uphold a work hard, play hard mentality. When building with other people, seeing the resulting efforts being a creation previously undreamt of, strong bonds are formed between people. These ties become friendships that can last for decades, as many KSI members can attest to. The community becomes something guaranteed that people can fall back on and know that they have the support of someone, whether that member is in the next town over or across the ocean. KSI is, and always will be, a community by gamers, for gamers.
  9. July of the Month Winners 2017

    So proud of Anubis, Beat, Mercy, and all of LE! ♥️
  10. Signature Request- KSI Packers97

    I think I have something in mind for you.
  11. Tragedy

    Moved to Creative Writing I love this. I hope you know by now you aren't alone. There are soooo many of us who have faced similar demons. We will help pull you through till you can face it again - I promise you that. <3
  12. Web Operations Announcement

    Understood. Mods team will get the things changed that need to be.
  13. Web Operations Announcement

    So, my only question is, what happens if/when something comes up and none of the Admin staff is available? This hopefully won't be an issue, but it has been a situation before. And, you know me, contingencies for everything lol.
  14. clisby Join KSI Application

    PSNIDs can't be changed.
  15. Respect

    This seems to be coming up frequently lately. Two things I've found myself repeating: 1) Sometimes how you say it makes a difference in whether or not it's heard. 2) Don't get hung up all the time on presentation but focus on the content of the argument.