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  1. Sourz Application

    There's a weird white mark on the player's face in the third piece, but otherwise I love the work! Requesting for you to be added as a Trial Artist now. And I sent you the invite to the web server.
  2. Signatures

    I'd be happy if the awards box was a spoiler lol.
  3. PR Div Chat

    Keep on making waves! Rise up!
  4. LE Division General Chat

    Love what you guys are doing! Keep it up, y'all.
  5. Destiny 1 or 2

    Depends on what part of D1 you're talking. Vanilla release of D1 compared to D2, D2 has it beat absolutely. Gameplay is better, the weapon traits are slightly more balanced, the story was clearer and complete (in its own right). Content took a major hit moving to the new game, though. Half of the events are broken. It's limited on what you can actually choose to do instead of just hoping you get the right strike.
  6. Registration is closed. I'll contact you all within the next 24 hours so we can get a schedule going.
  7. KSI BIG JOHN 7 Rewards

    Vouch for all.
  8. Fortnite Battle Royale/PUBG Squad

    Kered, it's not a decision for those guys to make lol. He's just asking what the thoughts on feasibility of it would be. Personally, I haven't played either one. However, free games tend to not do well in KSI. Couldn't tell you why since there is no cost and some free games are big hits. I guess because people don't feel obligated to play on their investment since there isn't one.
  9. Destiny

    I'll be that one. Gameplay is better in D2, but content amount was way better in D1. Not vanilla, but from Y2 on.
  10. New to LE

    Welcome back to clan ops, man
  11. Squad subforums

    There's nothing saying you can't do it that way. It's just a matter of preference. Some leaders like it as one topic for quick comparison and reference. Others like it individualized. Anyways, the admins are looking into the club feature on the site which basically makes div sections obsolete lol.
  12. KSI Official BF1 Server

    There's very little any company can do to prevent it. That's why booting is illegal - it damages public infrastructure even if the intent is to target a private residence.
  13. KSI In Real Life

    I would definitely love to come back again someday! But the next trip is GuardianCon, right? Hopefully with fewer sprinklers haha Yessir, that was the purpose of the trip, and I was really glad I went!
  14. Mentor Program

    I'm not a fan of an organized mentor program. It's great in theory, but I think it's largely ineffective. I'm a much bigger advocate of naturally occurring mentorship. People not accustomed to military ways balk at the words "mandatory" and "required". Besides, mentorship happens on many levels. Kered, you've become a mentor to me in how to move my web ops role to the next level. In turn, I have been a mentor to a few of the team leaders to get them prepared for the role and what it requires. They then mentor the team members on improving their skills in various fashions. Those same members are in clan ops also, receiving mentorship from their leaders on that side on improving their squads/divs and their leadership skills. To only have ONE mentor limits them severely. Even in the Navy. I have a language mentor, a CTN mentor, a mentor who was a CTR turned officer, and I look to my Chief for mentorship also. It's a dynamic, multifaceted relationship with multiple people. Which I learned about initially through the way KSI works.
  15. KSI Official BF1 Server

    Using a server to establish a connection between two or more players enables one of those players to pull an IP address if they have the ability. So yes, they can still boot from a BF1 lobby no matter who the server belongs to. Lol Meeting didn't happen last night. I'll bring it up next time I talk to them.