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  1. This one is going to have a lot of back and forth, but I hope it can remain civil with valid discussion and points. I think it would be smart to move all the servers (including web and LFG) into one server. Why? - Togetherness: Opens the way for cross-div play, advertisement for web/events, and helping each other as KSI should. - Communication: One server, one announcement for everyone in all things. - Security: If there's a repeat of yesterday, we only have one server that needs to be cleared. How? - Discord Categories can be broken down into divisions. Each div staff maintains their individual way of setting up their sections and moderating it. Also, these categories can be collapsed and/muted for those who don't need notifications for them all. And there is a lock channels feature that basically means no one other than someone with that role can see it. What about the forums? - Certain channels can be set to read only that direct specifically to the forums.
  2. Ruining The Tradition of the 7

    I think the way the courts have done in the past when someone with a 7 wins a blacklist appeal is a good way about it. If they change their tag back to KSI, they are not allowed to wear the 7 until it is re-earned. This wasn't a standard for all cases, it was just an option for alternative probation. Otherwise, such as leaving on good terms or retiring, the 7 remains. Once a 7, always a 7. Yet another reason why I firmly believe it should not be granted at Cofo.
  3. Ruining The Tradition of the 7

    Precisely why the emphasis on 7 at Founder carries more weight than at Co-Founder. lol
  4. Announcement of Blacklisted Members

    JHood's blacklist has been up in the air for 2 weeks, that's why it hasn't been announced. The way we have made it work in the past is that senior leaders tell the Directors who inform the Div leaders who pass it on to their divs. But as it stands, even the directors aren't getting the notification half the time.
  5. New Here

    Welcome to the site! Please feel free to reach out to any of the forums staff if you have any questions or concerns.
  6. Recruit Tribal,Reporting for duty!

    Hey there, welcome to the forums! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of the forums staff.
  7. Pro's and con's of old school returning

    You do realize that the last few old school members to return to KSI started out no higher than Major, right? And those who did get Major had to build the squads from scratch. No help, no lending of people from other divisions or squads, nothing. If it works, great. They build up and move up accordingly. If it doesn't, they don't. That's how it's been treated here for over a year now. By the way, no one in the senior leadership would even think of giving a couple of those examples anything remotely higher than SGT off the bat, if they were allowed in at all lol.
  8. Forums makeover

    Sponsors primarily look at member base. We boast 2000+ members, but we only have roughly 100 on the site. Granted, this is strides better than what we were doing even a few months ago. So we are taking measures to improve. We've talked about looking at a bot to incorporate Discord with the forums, but we haven't broken much ground with it yet. As for the organization, this is a recurring topic (which is good because the more voices we hear about it, the more likely it is to change). It's an area we are taking measures to fix.
  9. Scheduling

    Leadership meetings (Director +) are on Sundays. LE/PR do their div meetings Mondays to be able to pass the information further on. I know there are several squads that still do their squad meetings on Saturdays or Sundays because that's when they have the most availability, but that's not always the case. It just depends on what the squad leader and Co-Fo feel is the appropriate action for that squad.
  10. Ruining The Tradition of the 7

    If you earn it once (or multiple times) and someone vouches for who you are, you are able to keep the 7. That's how it's been for several years. But if no one is around who can possibly verify it, then it's better to just wait until you hit the rank again.
  11. Old is the new new .... ? XD

    Welcome back, glad to have you with us in PR.
  12. New To KSI

    Welcome! I love Wildlands, but I haven't had a chance to finish it yet.
  13. New to KSI LE and streaming on twitch

    Welcome, we're glad to have you in KSI and Lost Empire!
  14. New to KSI!

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here in KSI BF1 is a great game, I just wish the multiplayer group search worked better haha.
  15. Why

    Roughly 2500 different personalities from all over the world. Different ideals, opinions, perspectives. It shouldn't matter that we disagree. Disagreement is healthy. We challenge each other to get better that way.