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  1. SR Montage

  2. Congratulations!

    There have been some incredible changes recently that are very deserving of recognition. As of Sunday, 21 May 2017, the following occurred: - KSI Cali 7 was promoted to Senior Director, - KSI N3XUS 7 was promoted to Director over Reality Dynasty and Synthetic Reality, - And Twisted Reality split to create Arcane Kings! All of these changes show the great progress KSI continues to make. Arcane Kings will be led by KSI Red Fox 7 and KSI DrWaddles66, overseen by KSI Silvu 7 who will continue to be the Director over Twisted Reality and Lost Empire. Congratulations again!
  3. On your application, I specified that PS4 had Destiny and that Xbox had both ESO and Destiny. I am not shooting down the idea, I have guided you on the appropriate way to bring the suggestion up to your chain of command because squad types are something determined inside of a division. I've actually heard good things about Ark and think it would be interesting to see if a squad can build on it. If someone on Xbox hasn't responded to your invites, chances are that it is a family member on their account. If you're unhappy with Dragon, these are the people, in order, whom you should contact: KSI BlazeDaily KSI Red Fox 7 KSI DoubleOh 7 KSI N3XUS 7 If they don't reply on Xbox, try them on discord. Sometimes that's faster.
  4. I already told you who to talk to. You need to talk to your squad leader and go up through the chain of command in your division. There is literally no way around this aside from ranking up in your squad and requesting the split to be Ark.
  5. People Come and Go...

    ...BUT KSI WILL NEVER DIE After over a decade of being around this community, a lot of things start to come into perspective. One of the sayings heard around KSI, even years ago, was "People come and go, but KSI will never die." Seems kind of insensitive at first, doesn't it? After all, every person should matter. And they do. Every person has the ability to contribute great things to KSI and to better themselves through those efforts. But that's the thing, it's up to each individual to decide how much energy they want to put forth. And, in the end, if they want to depart from KSI, that's also their choice. There is so much potential brimming in this community. People from literally all over the world and tons of skill sets take part in the various divisions. Thousands of people are bonding together, learning together, and gaming together. Those bonds can mean you make the best friends in your online life. And if one of them leaves, it can be really painful, more so than you'd think possible with this being an online community. Then you're faced with a decision to follow your friends out the door or stay and continue to push forward with KSI and make other friends. Either way, KSI will survive to see another day, another month, another year. And, for the most part, the community will welcome back those who decided it wasn't for them at that point in time. They'll come back someday. Or they won't. But KSI will never die.
  6. Hey can you delete some PMs your inbox is full!

  7. KSI Plays - Mass Effect: Andromeda

    KSI PLAYS Mass Effect: Andromeda The year is 2819, and Ryder has awoken in a new galaxy after a 600-year journey from the Milky Way. Ryder is aboard the human Ark called the Hyperion on the way to a central station called the Nexus which awaits the arrival of the Asari, Salarian, and Turian Arks as well. Upon first awakening, the feeling is excitement, anticipation of a new life, a new system to explore as part of the Pathfinder's team. Never mind that the Pathfinder is dear old dad. However, when they arrive on the first planet, it becomes quite obvious that this is not the world they were expecting. Ryder is then left to forge a way through new enemies, new environments, and new challenges to find new homes for thousands. After five years of anticipation, multiple delayed releases, the game finally came out on March 21, 2017. Several of the original trilogy's team members contributed to the project, trying to recreate the aspects that players loved but in a new approach - exploration, rather than war. There were huge expectations for the game, and some need for the redemption of the original ending of Mass Effect 3. So the question stands, how does it stack up? "The game is solid," says UnearthlyNave (Private), "Very well written story [with] in-depth characters and detailed planets to explore." There seemed to be a consensus among surveyed members that the animation could use some improvements, even after the recent patch that was supposed to fix some of the problems. Conversely, the introduction of new species helped offset some of those disappointing features. Although the new characters on the Pathfinder team have their own unique stories and styles, KSI YinKo (Sergeant) says, "...to be honest, the characters don't stand out except for PeeBee. She kind of does, but no one like Garrus or Liara or the others." This seems to be a generally common opinion. The missions can be fun, and some even tug on the heartstrings a little bit, but it still can't quite compare to the connection felt with the original Normandy crew. In addition to a very lengthy campaign, the game features a multiplayer option similar to that of Mass Effect 3 but with smoother gameplay and a variety of new weapons and the return of some old favorites. The skill leveling system is also close to the way it was but with the slight change of the profile system. Rather than being locked into the Biotic, Tech, or Combat role, Ryder can swap between play styles depending on the specs desired. For the most part, it would seem that Bioware made changes where they needed to in order to make Andromeda a new entity within the old beloved universe.
  8. I haven't been contacted by anyone yet. Not sure if they just haven't been on here or what's going on. Please let me know thanks. 

  9. March 2017 'of the Month Awards' "Of the Month" awards are now open! For those unfamiliar with the program, this is the time where we can recognize all the great work our fellow KSI brethren have done over the past several weeks. Each member nominated should take pride in how their peers see their dedication to the community every day. Remember, you can nominate as many categories as you like, but keep it to one person per category. Also, self-nominations do not count. Be sure to include the reason for nomination! Don't forget that a member can win more than once giving that member a Silver, Gold, or Platinum level of that award. The following ranks are being awarded for this month's "Of the Month" awards. Note: All nominees must have held the position of the nominated award for at least 14 days of the month of March 2017 Clan Ops Senior Leader of the Month (Senior Director and higher) Director of the Month Division Leader of the Month Co-Division Leader of the Month Founder of the Month Co-Founder of the Month General of the Month Officer of the Month (LT - Major) Member of the Month (Any rank) Global Member of the Month (Any Rank) Web Ops Forums Staff of the Month Streamer of the Month All voting will end on April 8th at midnight PST. All winners will be posted on April 10th by midnight. Please use the following form and post it as a reply to this topic. Please fill out ALL required information and give valid reasons why you are nominating a member. Any vote without a reason or the form below filled out will not be counted. Name: (Member/Squad/Division of the person you are nominating) Award: (The award you are nominating this person for) Reason: (Please give reasons to why this person is deserving of the award you are nominating them for)
  10. Hey so it's officially been 24 hours :D and no response from anyone in RD so bring ya boy over to Twisted Reality Airy. Come on Shipmate you know you want me in your clan lol 

  11. Scavenger Hunt 11 - Halo It Up!

    Scavenger Hunt 11 Here it is everyone!!! You all have until Friday 12am eastern time to answer the questions, the winner will be announced on Saturday. Remember no peeking at others answers and no asking team members for the answers. The person who answers all 8 questions correctly wins, if you win 4 hunts in a row you win a forums award called winner winner, chicken dinner. Good luck everyone!!!! Blast from the past.... Q. In what year did the first Halo game get released? Q. What Halo game was the first to be played in KSI? Who's who.... Q. Owned by Microsoft this company created the Halo series, who is it? Q.A fictional character and the protagonist of the Halo fictional universe, who is it? Where are we..... Q. This was the first battleground when the Covenant declared war on humanity, what is the name? Q.In Halo 3 what was the name of the place that was in ruins? Last but not least...... Q.What is the best selling Halo Game to ever be sold? Q.When did Halo first start development?
  12. Yes please. Probably what's been contributing to the rumors about IA lol.
  13. The donate button is broken. It comes back with an error on Confirm and Pay.