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  1. Wes

    let me view your photobucket

  2. Nova, this is Bl1ndf1r3 btw, I still want your babies

  3. ooh new feature?

  4. ooh new feature?

  5. Yay4Making TA

  6. Jenova I'm gettin sh!t about the KSI logo thing, can I send you what I Have so far and you can put the image on?

  7. Yo, i might not be on my game for a while. All these meetings are throwing me off for sum reason. So 2nite ima play nonstop mlg(until the rap1df1r3 meeting starts)

  8. Happy Birthday, Nova! :)

  9. Use your mind powers to make frosty stop being dumb. =]

  10. Jenova

    What is this?

    wait you mean the ggn forums? thats not the 360 skin i remember...
  11. Jenova

    What is this?

    Where? I want to refresh myself on how it looks!
  12. Jenova

    What is this?

    I actually like Evolution. Looks kind of like 360, but not at that greatness yet. Minor messups with gamercards, etc.